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White strawberries, as strange as they are healthy


If we thought of a red fruit, we would surely have at strawberries within the first options, however, if we were asked to name one white fruitThese would not even remotely cross our minds.

But it turns out that white strawberries if they exist, even though they were on the verge of extinction, this is a species that we can still have the pleasure of trying and enjoying their properties and benefits, in addition to its particular pineapple flavor.

What are white strawberries?

Its scientific name is Fragaria chiloensis, although in many regions of the planet it is known by the name of pineberry, a name that precedes the combination of the words pine, which means pineapple, and the word berry, which means strawberry.

This is the oldest strawberry species that exists, and although many people think that it may be the product of a genetic modification, this is not the case.

This species of strawberry is native to Chile and part of the central territory of America, originally planted by the Mapuche Indians, although a member of the service of King Louis XIV made it known in Europe, especially in French territory.

Properties and benefits

Despite their different color and variation in flavor, the properties of white strawberries They are similar to those of the red strawberries that we commonly consume.

White strawberries or pineberrys provide a large amount of vitamin A and of vitamin C, which are highly beneficial for the functioning of the immune system, in addition to protecting the functioning of the eyes and maintaining the health of both the mouth and the skin.

It should also be mentioned that among its properties is also vitamin B9 or folate, which is essential to maintain cell function and stimulate tissue growth, being perfect for women who are in a state of pregnancy.

White strawberries vitamin properties
White strawberries

In addition, among the minerals, its potassium content stands out, which helps regulate blood pressure, control the heartbeat and guarantee the proper functioning of the Cardiovascular system, as well as influences the functioning of the muscles.

It is also important to note that it contains a good amount of fiber, which helps prevent fat from being absorbed during the digestive process, which contributes to the prevention of obesity and maintains cholesterol balance, as well as having carbohydrates that are healthy and they generate a satiety effect.

The antioxidant power that white strawberries contain helps delay the appearance of the signs of aging, since it protects the good condition of the body’s cells.

Uses of white strawberries

This species can have the same uses as the red version, so we can use it to prepare juices, jams, desserts and a wide variety of sweet recipes, since its pineapple flavor tends to stand out a lot in preparations, besides being a decorative element quite striking, because the rarity of its color gives it a much more elegant aesthetic.

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