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What people should not drink green tea and how does it affect their health?


In the world there are many types of tea, the most recommended and popularly known being Green Tea. This drink antioxidant, which contains caffeine, has natural elements to treat different problems of Health to promote the well-being of our body.

The popularity of green tea is due to the different properties and benefits of green tea. infusion, being one of the most consumed in the world.

Specialists emphasize that it is a drink with a multitude of beneficial qualities for our body. For example, it reduces the chances of getting cancer, speeds up the metabolism or serves as a prevention of various diseases respiratory type.

Green tea is not always recommended

However, keep in mind that green tea is not recommended in all cases. Like any drink or food, before consuming it it is better to know its contraindications to avoid any adverse reaction.

For this reason, in this article we are going to collect a series of measures so that we know who are the people who should not consume green tea.

Who should not drink green tea?

Next we are going to develop who are the people who are not recommended to consume green tea. This drink, despite being healthy, for a certain group of people its consumption is contraindicated and they should not drink it.

green tea coffee diabetes
Green Tea

Anyway, before making any decision, it is recommended to go to a doctor or nutritionist to give an accurate answer or propose alternatives to replace it.

People with hypertension

One of the drawbacks of consuming green tea is that it can increase blood pressure, with all the problems that come with it.

high blood pressure diabetes

For this reason, experts in the field advise people who have hypertension or tension problems not to consume this infusion.

People with sleep disorders

Specialists advise against people suffering from sleep disorders not to consume green tea. This is because this drink contains theine, which is a type of caffeine that stimulates and energizes the body.

superfood insomnia oatmeal green tea

For this reason, it is recommended to people who have difficulty sleeping, especially in cases of insomnia, not to take this infusion.

People with sensitivity to caffeine

As we have indicated previously, green tea is an infusion that has theine, a type of caffeine, among its properties. For this reason, experts say that people with sensitivity to this substance can be affected.

People with anemia and pregnant or lactating women

Pregnant or lactating women are advised not to drink green tea. The main reason is the amount of caffeine that this infusion has, since it is a substance that should not be consumed by these women.

Pregnant woman
Pregnant woman

In addition, it must be added that consuming green tea reduces the absorption of iron and folic acid, two substances that are equally important for pregnant women.

As the absorption of iron falls when consuming green tea, it is also recommended that people who have anemia not take it. The goal of people with this disorder is to increase the body’s iron, not decrease it.

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