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What happens if I put on sunscreen every day?


The sunscreen is a fundamental element for to protect to skin of the whole body of the radiation of the ultraviolet rays of the Sun. Overexposure to the sun is the main cause of skin cancer and the appearance of melanomas.

During the months of high temperature, it is essential to take extreme care of the skin when we expose ourselves to the sun for long hours, either on the beach or in the pool.

However, experts recommend using sunscreen in other circumstances, without necessarily having to be at the beach or pool. In other words, sunscreen is effective throughout the year to stop the damage that radiation from the sun’s rays can cause to the skin.

The skin of the face is the one that suffers the most from the effects of solar radiation, mainly because it is the most exposed part during the twelve months of the year. Therefore, it is necessary to influence the skin care of the face.


Specialists in skin care point out that it is necessary to use sunscreen every day, to avoid direct contact with UV rays. However, if we are not going to leave the house, we do not have to use sunscreen.

Types of solar radiation

There are several solar radiation emitted by the sun and that can damage the skin. Although, sunbathing in a moderate way can generate different benefits to the body. Among the different radiations we find:

  • UVA radiation: They penetrate the deepest layers of the skin and cause allergy processes and sun reactions.
  • UVB: This type of radiation is responsible for the appearance of redness and burns on the skin.
  • Infrared radiation: They can enhance the damaging effects of UVB and UVA radiation on the skin. Its wavelength is set above 760 mm.

Sunscreen and consequence of sun exposure

As we have commented previously, the use of sunscreen is essential to prevent skin cancer or the appearance of melanoma. Thus, moderate sunbathing can generate different health benefits:

  • Stimulates the increase in vitamin D: It is one of the most important vitamins for health, since it fulfills many functions in the body.
  • It favors the production of melanin: Melanin is the pigment that contributes to offering a tanned appearance on the skin and protects the skin area from UV radiation.
  • Sunlight improves people’s mood.
  • Improves the symptoms of different diseases, such as acne, psoriasis or vitiligo
  • The sun also helps reduce blood pressure, because it causes vasodilation.
  • Promotes blood circulation.

We currently have a large number of sunscreens on the market. However, it is appropriate to know how to choose the appropriate sun cream based on the characteristics of each skin.

Through the following link you will find the mechanism to select the best sunscreen for the care of our skin, according to the Union of Consumers and Users (OCU).

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