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What are the negative effects of eating a lot of avocado?


The avocado or also known as avocado, It’s one of the fruit most popular in terms of healthy nutrition refers, as it represents a source of healthy fats, fiber, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins.

However, we have always talked about how important it is not to overindulge in any food, no matter how healthy it may be, because the basis of a nutritious diet is in variety, since it is the only way to receive it in a balanced way. all the nutrients the body needs.

Consequences of excessive consumption of avocado

Despite the Benefits that it has for the body and especially for the cardiovascular system and the heart, avocado does not provide all the nutrients that the body needs and in many cases the substances it contains can be harmful if the recommended dose is exceeded, which can cause the following effects.

1. Weight gain

A single avocado can contain up to 300 calories and 25 grams of fat, even if they are healthy.

2. Nutrient deficiency

Despite having a large amount and variety of nutrients, it does not contain all of them, for this reason it is a mistake to eat only avocado, as it should be seen as an important part of a balanced diet and not as a complete food.

3. Allergies

Although it is not very common, there are cases in which excessive consumption of avocado can cause people to develop allergies, which can cause symptoms such as abdominal pain or itching in the mouth and throat.

4. Liver damage

Avocado contains anethole and estragole, two substances highly related to different liver diseases.

5. Difficulties in digestion

The carbohydrates present in avocado are of the FODMAP type, which are difficult to digest, for this reason an excess of these can cause constipation, gas or abdominal pain.

Avocado vitamin C and vitamin D

What is the recommended amount of avocado that we should consume?

Despite its benefits, it is recommended that people do not consume more than one and a half avocado a day.

But in addition to the quantity, it is also important to consume the avocado in a combined way, since this will allow the menu to be much more balanced, especially if other types of vegetables of different colors are integrated.

How to integrate avocado to our menu

In addition to its high nutritional value, avocado is characterized by its versatility, which makes it an ideal ingredient to prepare a huge variety of recipes, among which salty and sweet recipes can be named.

The best way to eat avocado is with a minimum amount of salt, so as not to exceed the sodium levels in the body, however avocado is the base of other recipes such as guacamoles, sauces, purees, or salads.

But although many people are unaware of it, this can also be the base of different desserts, since its fat content and creamy texture allow the preparation of smoothies, mousses or even ice cream.

Regardless of the way in which we are going to integrate avocado into our diet, it is always advisable to have the authorization and supervision of professionals, among whom we must consider doctors and nutritionists.

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