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This is the superfood that famous people fall in love with


The feeding is a fundamental aspect for the organism. In this sense, there are food to which the category of superfood due to its nutritional value and the benefits it generates in Health of people.

Thus, nutrition not only allows you to enjoy a healthy body, but also helps to show a healthy appearance. That is to say, the consumption of certain foods helps to lose weight, maintain the line or improve the condition of the skin.

In this line we find a superfood that has become a benchmark among ‘celebrities’ and famous people. It’s about blueberries.

Blueberries, a superfood that makes celebrities fall in love

According to different rumors, Madonna demands a bowl of fresh blueberries in her dressing rooms before performing a concert. Also, ‘celebrities’ like Kim Kardashian include them in their breakfast every day. They are also a recurring food in the life of Kate Hudson or Miranda Kerr.

Blueberry forest fruit

One of the most striking characteristics of blueberries is their flavor. This red fruit has a sweet and sour taste in equal parts. Thus, it offers different gastronomic possibilities, to the point of being widely used in confectionery.

In this sense, Sergio González, from ‘Nutriheart’ explain to ‘EuropaPress‘some of the virtues of this superfood for health. «Blueberries are a food with a very low energy intake, just 42 kcal per 100gr, they are one of the fruits with the highest amount of antioxidant properties -thanks to their anthocyanins- and they are also a good source of fiber, vitamins -especially Vitamin C- and minerals such as calcium and potassium ».

In addition, he adds that “all these qualities lead us to say that blueberries, within a healthy lifestyle, can help improve blood pressure, lipid profile and reduce the effect of free radicals.”

Benefits of blueberries

That blueberries are treated like a superfood is no accident. And it is that in addition to the properties discussed above, they provide important health benefits.

Raquel Conty from ‘Fitnatura’ add more data on the incredible positive effects that these berries can generate on health. «The antioxidants present in blueberries neutralize free radicals in our body and reduce inflammation. In fact, its bioactive compounds have been associated with multiple protective effects for our health: such as the prevention of cancer or the reduction of the risk of cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases ”.

On the consumption of blueberries there are important differences. The fresh and frozen ones maintain their essential properties and nutrients for health; so they are more recommended for consumption.

However, those that are dried and heated can lose part of these properties. Thus, the more natural the product is, the more properties it will contain in its composition.

In short, blueberries are a superfood thanks to their antioxidant power and vitamin C content. Therefore, it is not surprising that it is one of the most recurrent foods in the diet of ‘celebrities’, actresses, singers or athletes.

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