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This is the new pool for dogs that is sweeping Lidl


The company of Lidl supermarkets It is one of the chains that is making the most progress in recent times in Spain. Now, with the arrival of summer, the company continues with its strategy in swimming pools, but not only for humans, but also for dogs and companion pets.

This peculiar strategy by Lidl, which has been selling products as different and distant from each other as clothes, toys, appliances or DIY products for years, has now included the folding pools for dogs that are taking the summer by storm.

The foldable dog pool that Lidl sells is not a very common product in supermarkets. Of course, it is a product intended for all those who have a dog as a pet and who enjoy watching it cool down on the days of high temperatures that ravage Spain.

Lidl Dog Pool Price

The best thing about this folding pool for dogs, which makes its purchase practically mandatory for all those who have a dog and space in their garden, is its low price. As detailed on the Lidl website, this pool for dogs is only sold online and is priced at only 29.99 euros.

At this magnificent price we must add the characteristics of this pool as they appear on the website of the supermarket chain:

  • With non-slip base.
  • Star product: Dog pool with stable lateral structure.
  • With a practical transport and storage bag.
  • Ideal to wear on hot days.
  • It is easily assembled without having to inflate it.
  • Drain opening for easy emptying.
  • It can be folded to save space.
  • Measurements: Approx. Ø 120 x 30 cm.
Lidl Dog Pool
Lidl Dog Pool

The Lidl inflatable pool that sweeps for less than 20 euros

Just like there are dog pools at Lidl, those designed for humans are also a major asset to the supermarket company. In this way, the characteristics of the inflatable pool that has taken Lidl by storm are very attractive to the customer. This has a maximum capacity of 530 liters and exterior measurements of 202x151x46 / 60 cm.

This model incorporated a very solid base, with a system of 2 air chambers and a block valve. Which made it very easy to inflate and deflate. It also has a valve that allows the water to be emptied quickly and easily.

Although the blue color has already been sold out, on its website we can still find the green model that has very similar characteristics. The German chain wanted, in this way, to allow its customers to get an inflatable pool at a very affordable price. For all those who have been wanting to buy the other version.

Lidl pool 20 euros

The main difference with respect to the blue inflatable pool is that the base of the green one is hexagonal in shape. But it incorporates all the special features of the model that has been sold out. A headrest to make the bath a moment of complete relaxation, and a support to introduce the drinks while we are in the water.

In addition, the price is 19.90 euros. Exactly the same as in the case of the best-selling pool. In addition, in both cases patches are included to repair the pool in case of punctures.

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