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This is the Mercadona product that promises to eliminate the ‘beer belly’


Mercadona he always tries to get answers from his clients. To do this, every week renew your offer with products that are very attractive to consumers. Both in his Perfumery and Cosmetics section, as in that of Bakery or Personal Hygiene. The Valencian chain is one of the ones that launches the most of its own products, and these are always very well accepted by its public.

In addition, he always tries to keep up to date with the times. So now in summer we will find many new releases in any of its sections. Although the most popular and well-known is that of Perfumery and Cosmetics, since they have in their offer a wide range of products for all kinds of needs. From personal hygiene for the shower, for the beach, for facial and body care or for any other time.

The product that we are going to talk about in this post has received all kinds of comments on social networks. And is that the new Mercadona gel promises to eliminate the ‘beer belly’ with just a few weeks of application. Of course, you have to be constant and know that it has to be complemented with other types of care. Eat a balanced diet and avoid all kinds of foods high in fat and empty calories.

Mercadona’s reducing gel is already a success in sales

And the fact is that the arrival of the summer season shouts outings with family and friends, beers, sun and lots of laughs. So it really hurts to worry about him growth of your belly. So it is best to opt for easy, useful and practical remedies to try not to increase more than necessary.

Mercadona has remedied this. And they have launched a reducing gel that they claim is going to make your ‘beer belly’ disappear. The bottle itself is Deliplus Men Care tummy tuck gel, and it comes in a black container. Supposedly, it will eliminate the fat in the abdominal area and allow you to have a flat and strong stomach with little effort.

Mercadona reducing gel
Mercadona has launched an abdomen reducing gel that is becoming the star product of the summer Deliplus

How to apply the Mercadona reducing gel?

Its way of use is very simple, and the only thing more complicated for you will be to be constant with it. Must be apply on the abdomen with gentle massages before sleeping so that it takes effect during sleeping hours. In addition, they also recommend using these types of products when leaving the shower and before doing physical exercise. Since the muscles of the abdominal area are activated and they are worked with more force.

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