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This is the ideal healthy food to snack between meals in summer


Around the food considered ‘healthy’, we will find many that really are and others that are just simple myths. In the case of yoghurt, science has conducted several studies that demonstrate its true function in our body. In its composition we will find many nutrients and great calcium levels. In addition to live bacteria and a multitude of probiotics that will activate our intestinal flora.

If we incorporate one or two yogurts a day in our daily diet, we will provide our body with many properties, vitamins and minerals that will have a very positive effect on our interior. Therefore, professional nutritionists always recommend it as a food supplement to fill us up at any time of the day.

In this article, we are going to talk about the advantages of eating yogurt to snack between meals when hunger begins to appear in our stomach. The best thing is to buy the traditional natural yogurt of a lifetime, since it is the only one that does not have in its composition added sugars or any other artificial sweetener that makes it harmful to health.

Yogurt, perfect to relieve hunger between meals

In summer, our diet usually changes a lot to what we are used to eating throughout the year. And is that the heat, and frequent outings with family and friends to enjoy the good weather, make the products we eat are not entirely healthy. Either because they do not satisfy us enough, or because they simply have a large amount of saturated fat and ingredients that are harmful to our digestive system.

Therefore, including in our diet products that provide us with nutrients and at the same time satisfy us enough to avoid snacking between meals is essential. And yogurt is presented as a perfect option for this. In its composition we will find very beneficial vitamins and minerals for our body.

traditional homemade yogurt

Regarding its slimming power, according to the Yogurt in Nutrition website, there is a lot of research that shows that natural yogurt has a positive relationship with regard to the loss of body fat. And it is that it has been shown that this product helps accelerate the weight loss process if you are carrying out a weight loss diet.

As for adding toppings to natural yogurts, it is something that you can include to make them more special. But think that these must be healthy and not have extra calories. For example, you can add pieces of fruit to your liking or beat them to make a homogeneous and delicious mixture.

Reasons to eliminate skimmed yogurt from your diet

Skimmed yogurts have in their composition a multitude of sweeteners and sugars camouflaged under the slogan of ‘low fat’. But this is not why they are a more reliable choice than traditional natural yogurts. And it is that when you go to buy products to improve your daily diet, the best thing is that you do not trust labels that only seek to marketing and sell their products.

In relation to choosing those that are more or less fattening, it should be remembered that the most suitable is the traditional natural yogurt of a lifetime. Without any type of dressing or complement that makes you go to the dark side of products that have saturated fat and empty calories. In addition, another one that is also a good choice if we are taking care of our diet is Greek yogurt. And it is that for many nutrition professionals it is even better than the conventional one.

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