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This is the best way to disinfect food for consumption


Talk about healthy nutrition It is not just a question of nutrients, portions and variety, because to avoid problems when eating we must also make sure to wash our ingredients very well before preparing themHowever, few people know what the correct techniques are.

When we refer to food disinfection, it not only has to do with natural foods such as vegetables, fruits or vegetables, as it is also important to have proper hygiene with those foods that come in packages, since they can also be exposed to different pollutants that can affect our health.

How to disinfect fruits and vegetables?

These may be the easiest foods to wash, since most people tend to soak them in plenty of water and often with a touch of soap, and then rinse them again.

However, there is a fairly efficient method to disinfect it, it consists of adding one or two tablespoons of sodium bicarbonate in a container with water, to let them soak for about 15 minutes and then rinse with plenty of water and be able to store them.

How to sanitize meats?

Whether they are lean meats, white meats or fish, the procedure is almost the same, only the viscera or parts that are not going to be cooked should be removed and then washed with plenty of water, and then stored in the refrigerator.

However, the problem of meats occurs mainly when it comes to storing them in the refrigerator, as many people make the mistake of storing them all together.

The ideal is to wash each type of meat separately and store them in the same way in individual containers, to help preserve it for much longer, you can also add a little salt when storing it.

How to disinfect packaged food?

Although most people know that vegetable and meat foods should be washed, many are unaware that it is also important to disinfect all those that come in packages, since the fact that they come already processed suggests that it is not necessary to sanitize them.

Sanitize food
Sanitize food

But it turns out that although the vast majority of these foods have been sanitized on the inside, throughout the distribution process they can be in contact with many contaminants that can be impregnated on the outside of their packaging, regardless of whether it is plastic containers. , made of glass or cardboard.

The process of disinfection of packaged foods is not something so complex, you just have to use water, soap or bleach and wash them on the outside, this is a process that must be done both when storing them in the pantry and when uncovering them. to use them.

Other tips to follow

Our hands must be clean both before disinfecting food and after washing it.

During the sanitization process it is important to avoid touching the mouth, nose, eyes and any other sensitive part of our body, if possible plastic gloves can be used.

If it is necessary to use tools such as knives, brushes or other tools, it is important that these are also disinfected before being used, to avoid contaminating the food.

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