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This is the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory superfood that helps you lose weight


In the world of nutrition we find food innovative that never cease to amaze. In this case we are talking about Son, considered a superfood due to its capacity antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, in addition to helping slim down.

Sometimes we take new foods for their taste or we discard them for the same reason. However, some foods that emanate from nature offer properties to human beings that we should not go through.

This is the case of millet, a kind of cereal with a high protein value and that needs little water to grow. Thus, being a food with high energy power, it is ideal to consume during breakfast.

In addition, due to its incredible properties, it is a superfood recommended both for people with celiac disease and for people with diabetes. But the benefits of this cereal do not end here.

However, the consumption of millet is not particularly entrenched in Spanish society, although it can be easily found in different supermarkets in the country.

Properties of millet to be a superfood

Being a cereal, millet contains complex carbohydrates for the body. Although, it is necessary to highlight its high fiber content. In addition, its composition includes 10% protein and a minimum of unsaturated fats.

Millet superfood

As for millet proteins, it should be noted that they do not produce gluten. In this sense, it is a superfood that is also suitable for people with celiac disease.

On the other hand, millet is a cereal rich in potassium, iron, magnesium and B vitamins, especially folic acid and niacin.

Although one of the most important aspects of millet is that it is a food rich in phenolic compounds. That is, we are facing a superfood that contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. In addition, different studies have also confirmed the presence of antimicrobial properties.

Benefits of taking millet

One of the highlights of millet is that it has satiating power. Therefore, it is a type of food that helps you lose weight, since it avoids the anxiety to eat or snack between meals. Its richness in fiber is another of the most important aspects.

Thanks to its amount of fiber, millet is a superfood that can improve intestinal transit and the microbiota. In this sense, it helps against the prevention of constipation and other diseases.

On the other hand, some experts point out that the consumption of unrefined millet also contributes to the prevention of metabolic diseases such as diabetes or obesity. In addition, it could also reduce the risk of cancer mortality from different causes.

Its antioxidant power lies in the good amount of polyphenols that it has in its composition. These are especially beneficial in preventing cardiovascular disease; since these elements help reduce the oxidation of lipids in the blood and prevent atherosclerosis.

In addition, different studies suggest that it is a food with a low glycemic index. For this reason it could also be suitable for people with diabetes.

In the West, the consumption of millet is not very popular, although seeing its benefits we should increasingly incorporate this superfood into the weekly diet. Although, in continents such as Asia or Africa they represent a source of food wealth for the population.

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