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This is how you should stop the ketogenic diet to avoid gaining weight


Many people have seen in the ketogenic or keto diet the perfect way to lose those extra pounds that bother you so much. But, what happens when we want to leave it and not suffer the so-called ‘rebound effect’? This type of diet It is based on consuming a large amount of healthy fats, which will be the main source of energy for our body. In this case, we are also going to avoid carbohydrates and measure the levels of protein we eat.

To carry out the ketogenic or Keto diet, it is best to have a professional guide us on our way successfully. But if we have decided to do it on our own, and we have managed to lose everything we wanted, surely now the time has come to leave it and we do not know how. Well, normally we always tend to regain those kilos that have cost us so much to eliminate.

To do this, in this article we are going to explain how you should go off the ketogenic or Keto diet so that your body maintains itself and you do not start to gain weight suddenly. The most important thing is to keep exercising and keep an active lifestyle. Although there are other actions that you can also do to avoid returning to the starting point.

What do you have to do to avoid gaining weight again after the ketogenic diet?

First of all, you must bear in mind that as in any other type of diet, the most important thing to lose weight is to have a caloric deficit that allows us to expend more energy than we consume. In this sense, if you have spent a long time doing the ketogenic diet, for example, your body will have undergone certain changes that occur inside to compensate for this caloric deficit that you are producing.

In this way, our body begins to activate certain mechanisms to alert us to this lack of energy. For example, it can greatly increase our appetite. And this is one of the hardest things to control when we go off the diet, and what really causes most people to have a ‘rebound effect’. By needing more energy, your body will ask for food. Which translates into a feeling of hunger that is difficult to control.

Ketogenic diet
Ketogenic diet – Canva

In addition, the most normal thing is that we begin to gain more fat and not so much muscle mass. Thus, there are certain ways to control this excess appetite once you have decided to stop dieting and just control your diet.

  • Increasing your calorie intake for a short period of time can help you avoid that weight gain in the long run. And is that if for one or two weeks you give your body the amount of calories it requires, you can very satisfactorily reverse the negative effects produced by a prolonged caloric deficit over time.
  • Have a high protein intake. This will give your body enough energy to digest, therefore it is what gives you the most satiety. In addition, proteins are the macronutrient that has the most positive impact on your body composition. So it is a good alternative to eliminate that feeling of continuous hunger.
  • Eat lots of fiber. Since, like proteins, this will help increase the feeling of fullness and decrease appetite. Additionally, eating plenty of fiber also helps control blood sugar levels as well as lower cholesterol levels. Therefore, it is a good alternative to excessive consumption of foods with a high caloric intake.

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