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This is how eating a carrot every day affects your body


The carrot It’s one of the healthy food most recommended by nutritionists. This is a vegetable that will bring us a multitude of benefits to our body, especially if we are thinking of making a diet slimming. Therefore, it is advised that one of the healthiest changes we can make is to substitute carrot for bread.

As you read it, according to nutrition professionals, carrots are the perfect complement to eliminate bread from our meals. In addition, it will help you fill up sooner and contains many nutrients that will promote fat loss. Something essential if you want to reach your goal more quickly.

In Spain, we will find carrots throughout the year since there is no specific time where they can be grown more than in others. A serving of 100 grams of this vegetable only contributes to your metabolism 40 calories. A negligible amount that is due to the fact that it is mostly made up of water, like the vast majority of vegetables and fruits.

What happens in your body if you eat a carrot daily?

The carrot is a food that provides a generous amount of vitamin A to our body. This component is the most noticeable in this vegetable, specifically the carotenoids with provitamin A activity. That is, when the body processes it, it becomes vitamin A.

This is one of the healthiest for our body, since it improves many aspects of our vital state. For example, it helps improve the proper functioning of the eyes and increases the maintenance of healthy skin. In addition, it also includes among its compounds many antioxidants that protect cells from the damaging effects of free radicals. Which cause cellular aging.

It is recommended by experts to consume a medium-sized carrot a day, since this would cover 89% of the recommended daily amount of vitamin A.

Consuming a carrot every day helps our body in the sense that we will avoid eating other foods with more calories. Such as bread, promoting the consumption of vegetables and healthier products. These will make us feel adequately satiated and eliminate high-calorie snacks and snacks from our diet that are very harmful to our health.

Experts advise that our daily diet be based on the intake of fruits and vegetables, as well as meat and fish as the primary source of protein. In addition, another of the foods that we can eat instead of bread are pickles. Which do the same function as carrots in this regard.

The healing properties of carrots to fight acne

In addition to the antioxidant properties that we have talked about previously, carrots also have antiseptic properties in their composition that help fight the appearance of bacteria on our skin. This is very beneficial to fight acne, since it also helps our skin to control the excess fat it produces.

In order to enjoy the benefits of carrots on our skin, it is best to prepare our own homemade mask. You will only need fresh carrot and a tablespoon of honey. The mixture of both foods are the perfect combination to regulate excess sebum on your skin. You will get radiant skin if you put the result of the mixture on your face and wait 15 minutes for it to settle on it. Then remove it carefully and rinse it very well.

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