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This is how carrot and pumpkin help accelerate your tan


Being brown when summer comes around is something everyone wants. Many people turn to products that help them tan faster or directly that color their skin. Plus, we’ve always heard that there are some foods that help make this a reality. The carrot and the pumpkin are two healthy food It has always been said that they help you tan, but what is true about this?

Both products provide our body with very beneficial properties, evidenced by numerous scientific studies. And as for its effect to help our skin to be more tanned, the carrot has in its composition a high content of carotenoids. Initiators of vitamin A that help regulate color in our skin, in addition to activating the production of melatonin.

Carotenoids are natural colorants that have shades from yellow to purple. Although the most common most of the time is the orange tone that we are used to. Therefore, when rubbing it with the skin, they can dye it.

Melanin, responsible for capturing the sun’s rays and coloring the skin

Melanin are color pigments that make our skin have one tone or another. By eating carrot and pumpkin, and activate the production of this, we are going to stimulate the color with sun exposure. The carrot in particular, has in its composition a large amount of beta-carotene. What is a necessary substance to condense vitamin A.

By eating foods rich in carotenoids, we will make our skin glow and change towards a more orange color. Without the need for this to be altered by the amount of melanin that we have in our epidermis. That is, the intake of this type of vegetables can influence our skin to acquire that more orange and darker tone more quickly. But this will return to its original state when we stop eating those foods rich in beta carotene.

carrot acne

In conclusion, our skin may have a more orange tone but this does not mean that we are more brown. Only that the tone of our epidermis has been modified by the coloring compounds of these natural products.

In relation to all this, we must remember the importance of using a sunscreen that shelters us from the sun’s rays. Since the desire to get brown in summer can not be preceded to have a good state of health. Especially in the long term, since as they say our skin has memory and remembers all the burns that we have caused.

What if you eat carrots every day?

The carrot has very beneficial properties for our body. Therefore, it can be an ideal complement to incorporate into our diet and feel more active and strong. In its composition it is mostly water, but it also has a large amount of vitamin A that helps our body feel better.

This vitamin helps improve the functioning of our eyesight and increases the activity of our skin to prevent premature aging. In addition, it also includes many active antioxidants that protect cells from the damaging effects of free radicals.

Eating a carrot a day can be very positive for your health, but especially if you use it as a substitute for bread. Something that you can also avoid eating pickles accompanying meals. In this way, you will avoid eating foods that have more fat and more caloric intake for your body. Prioritizing those of plant origin, composed mostly of water, vitamins and healthy nutrients.

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