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They manufacture in Spain a ‘vegetable meat’ full of properties


At present, the human being has discovered practically all food of nature, although we still continue to marvel at unimaginable products that sprout in a natural. However, we have entered a stage where people manufacture ingredients or food according to our needs. The future has arrived.

As we said, some gastronomy or nutrition experts, such as chef Ángel León, insist on continuing to investigate new foods in the deep sea that will revolutionize the world of food. In this case, the chef from Cádiz and his team have recently discovered a marine cereal.

However, the human being has already gone one step further and has entered a stage of manufacturing new ingredients or foods to meet the needs of people.

In this sense, the researchers of the Superior Council of Scientific Investigations (CSIC) and the Francisco de Vitoria University (UFV) have developed a new ingredient of vegetable origin, with an appearance and texture very similar to those of meat.

However, it is a healthier food, low in saturated fat and without cholesterol. Another remarkable aspect of this ingredient is its high content of dietary fiber; in addition to being more sustainable.

This new food manufactured by the human being is made with a base of cereal and legumes. In addition, it does not contain additives or allergens, has great versatility and gastronomic possibilities and can be purchased at an affordable price in the market.

Spanish gastronomy already has a new ingredient and it has been officially presented at the CSIC headquarters in Madrid. Thus, according to the estimate of the Leggie brand, in charge of its marketing, it could reach supermarkets during the first weeks of summer.

Characteristics of the new ‘vegetable meat’

The production of this product in Spain constitutes a great advance in gastronomic science. Thus, one of the most striking aspects of this new food is the use of carob, a legume rich in protein and highly digestible.

Hamburger ingredient meat vegetable
Hamburger with new vegetable meat ingredient

The creators of this new food – ingredient, explain that it is a product aimed at vegans and vegetarians. But it is also recommended for all those who want to reduce their meat intake for ethical health or religious reasons.

Along these lines, Marta Miguel, a researcher at the Food Science Research Institute, points out that “More and more alternatives to meat from plant sources appear on the market, but they tend to be extremely processed products that include a large number of ingredients. and additives of questionable nutritional quality ».

Although, regarding its product, it states that “being made with only six natural ingredients, it is a healthier and more balanced option in relation to other similar foods that are currently marketed.

A new ingredient for gastronomy

Another of the great characteristics of this vegetable meat is its important fiber content. According to the CSIC, fiber consumption in Spain is deficient, despite its importance for the body.

Fiber is a dietary factor that helps prevent various chronic diseases. In addition, its consumption increases the feeling of satiety, improves the intestinal microbiota or delays the absorption of glucose and cholesterol.

Finally, the researcher Marta Garcés, from the Francisco de Vitoria University He argues that “this is a very versatile ingredient that can be used in multiple culinary preparations, such as pizza toppings or salads, as filling for empanadas, empanadillas or lasagna, and also to make bolognese, hamburgers, sausages, meatballs, etc. In addition, the consumer can personalize the ingredient according to their sensory preferences ”.

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