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These are the products that Mercadona has withdrawn from its stores


Mercadona It is one of the most famous retail establishments in all of Spain. And it is that in it we can find many products at really competitive prices. In addition, over the years it has increased the quality of its products to the point of having some that have really been made with the acceptance of thousands of people. In fact, many are the brands that try to copy some of their most iconic products.

But like any other business, Mercadona tries to renew its catalog very often to continue offering the best to its customers. The problem is that normally when something goes in, other things have to go out. In this way, the Valencian supermarket chain eliminates many of its most symbolic products to introduce others that end up matching the quality of the past.

In this article, we are going to show you all the best-selling Mercadona products that the chain has decided to eliminate from its stores. In this way, you will be able to know what you can buy and what not when you approach your nearest establishment. No risk of unwanted surprise.

Products that Mercadona has decided to remove from its catalog

As we have pointed out previously, Mercadona always tries to offer the best to its customers. So it does not stop launching innovative products that revolutionize the needs of consumers. But in this case, it has also decided to eliminate some of the most iconic products that have led to the fame that it has today. Like the ones we show you below.

Pizza Margarita Hacendado

A few weeks ago, Mercadona decided to withdraw its classic Margarita from its pizza offer. This was one of the best-selling white label pizzas, but they have opted to eliminate it from their catalog. In its composition we could find ingredients as basic as tomato, oregano, mozzarella, salt, oil and basil. And although it may seem very simple, it was ideal for making your own personalized pizza by adding other ingredients.

Hacendado mandarin sorbet

Since last May, we have been able to see how the supermarket chain has decided to do without the mandarin sorbet. This was one of the best sellers for its special and refreshing taste. And it was also perfect for those people who did not want to consume dairy, since among its ingredients there was no milk.

tangerines to make juice
Peeled tangerines-Pixabay

Hacendado dulce de leche bonbon

Dulce de leche has always been one of the most acclaimed flavors by consumers, when it comes to ice cream tastes. For this reason, a few years ago Mercadona launched some frozen chocolates with this characteristic flavor that became a success. Despite this, this year the chain has decided to eliminate them from its shelves. Although they do not rule out that they may return to their stores in the future.

Saladitos in bulk from Mercadona

The Valencian chain decided a few months ago to withdraw from its catalog one of its most iconic products, the bulk saladitos. This did not sit well with consumers, since it was in the top sales of the store.

Extra chilli in vinegar Hacendado

Previously we could find in the tanning section a wide range of products that delighted fans of these foods so rich on the palate. One of the best sellers was their own brand’s extra pickled chillies. But one day overnight, Mercadona decided to remove them from its shelves.

Hand soap in melon mousse

For several months now, Mercadona decided to withdraw one of its best-selling hand soaps. And it is that this was in the top sales of the brand, but this was not enough for the chain to eliminate this soap in the form of mousse from its stores.

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