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These are the expired foods that you can eat, according to the OCU


On many occasions we have products in the pantry and in the fridge that have expired. In those moments, we wonder if its consumption would really harm our health. Or if unlike it, it would still be a healthy food that we can eat without any problem. To be clear about this, the Organization of consumers and users (OCU) has made a report with those foods that we can eat without problems. Once the date indicated on the package has passed.

First of all, it is important that we know the difference between expiration date and best before use. Since depending on this, the product will have some characteristics or others when taking it after it has expired.

The expiration date is indicated on highly perishable foods. That is, those that in a short time will lose their properties and begin to be dangerous to our health. Here, for example, fresh meat and fish or chicken would be included. In these cases, it is best that we forget to consume it once that period of time has passed.

On the contrary, the preferred consumption date refers to those products that, once that time has passed, lose organoleptic qualities. These could be consumed, although always with care and without letting too many days pass from their deadline.

Products that can be consumed expired according to the OCU

The OCU states that in relation to highly perishable products with an expiration date on their packaging, there are some mechanisms that we can carry out to make them last a little longer. For example, in the case of meat and fish, they recommend that when the date approaches it is best to freeze or cook them. In addition, they affirm that nothing happens to consume them a day later but that it is preferable to cook them for a long time to avoid the permanence of possible pathogens.

rice pasta sliced ​​bread

As for the products that we can consume once the preferred consumption date has passed, the organization has drawn up a list with some of them. So that we can have a general idea of ​​what these are and avoid discarding them if they are still fit for consumption.

  • Yogurts
  • Bread
  • French fries and nuts
  • Buns and cookies
  • Soft drinks and alcohol
  • Pasta, rice and legumes
  • Jam and butter
  • Sausages and cured cheeses
  • Soups and sauces envelope
  • Tomato packaging

So you can lose weight with the yogurt diet

To do the yogurt diet, you must do it for three days. At the beginning you should eat 5 meals a day, all accompanied by yogurt; a suggestion for breakfast can be coffee, tea or orange juice accompanied by a yogurt, mid-morning or mid-afternoon a yogurt with seasonal fruit.

During lunch, choose steamed vegetables or salad, accompanied by baked chicken or grilled salmon, foods rich in protein. For dinner you can choose between chard, spinach or vegetable cream. Don’t forget to drink lots of water and exercise.

Natural yogurt vitamin B12
Plain yogurt

The yogurt diet is designed for a person to lose two to three kilos for three days, during which time you will need to restrict your diet. This method is not a routine that you should lengthen.

The consumption of yogurt also contributes to strengthening the immune system while increasing our defenses; Being a food rich in probiotics, it contains live bacteria that help repair the intestinal flora and improve digestive processes. In addition, as we have mentioned above, it falls within the products that according to the OCU you can ingest once the preferred consumption date has passed.

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