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These are the different uses of citrus fruits in the kitchen


The citrus They are very characteristic fruits for their acid taste and intense flavor. In addition, they are also food noted for being rich in essential oils. Therefore, they are products that you should include in your diet. Since without any doubt they will help improve your health and avoid suffering from certain diseases in the future. Of course, as with any other product, it is not good to abuse them. Since they can damage your stomach and harm your state of well-being.

But if you want to start incorporating these into your daily diet, it is best that you know what uses you can give each one in your kitchen. And it is that citrus fruits are well known for their great contribution of fiber and their refreshing flavor. In addition, it is commonly known that they will not contribute large amounts of calories to our body.

So we will be able to add it to any type of dish without fear that it will add calories to our body. Next, we are going to give you a list of the best-known citrus fruits and the different uses that they can be given in the kitchen. So if you are a lover of gastronomy and good eating, you will surely like to know how to enhance the flavor of all foods with these very useful fruits.

Uses of citrus fruits to increase the flavor of your meals

In the periods of the year where temperatures are very changeable, as in the case of the summer season, it is best to be well prepared so that our body does not fall into flu and colds. Therefore, citrus fruits are ideal to prevent this type of disease. So that you can incorporate them into your day to day without any effort, we are going to give you some of the most common uses of citrus fruits in the kitchen.


This is perhaps the most acidic citrus fruit, so knowing which foods to include it in is vitally important if you really want to use them correctly. Its use is particularly limited to the dressing of meals, since it is not at all pleasant for most mortals to take it in juice. And is that lemon is perfect to replace oil or vinegar in any dressing, or even to give more flavor to your fish dishes.

Healthy lemon

In addition, lemon is also perfect for keeping perishable foods intact for longer. Since it has a high content of antioxidant agents.

Orange and tangerine

These two citrus fruits are the most used to consume in juice, since they are commonly used as a natural and healthy complement to any breakfast. In the event that the orange seems very acidic, mandarin juice is ideal for those who want to soften this powerful flavor.

In addition, mandarin and orange juices are ideal to include in any type of stew. Especially those with meat, as they help neutralize fat and soften it. On the other hand, they are also perfect citrus fruits to add to our salads and give them a special touch.


This is a much more unknown and unusual citrus than orange and tangerine, but it is also perfect for adding flavor to any dish. Grapefruit will provide our body with a large number of beneficial properties for our body.

In addition, it is the least caloric citrus and the most diuretic. The most common uses in the kitchen are as a salad dressing, to enhance the flavor of your fish dishes and to flavor some desserts.

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