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These are the best foods to gain muscle mass


The feeding is a fundamental aspect for life. Thus, depending on the food that we incorporate into our daily diet we obtain different results. In this sense, the most appropriate is to carry out a balance diet, healthy and where all kinds of food have room in just the right amount.

Thus, proteins are some of the most important nutritional elements for health, whose main mission is to provide energy to the body. But in addition, they also have a key importance in the structure of bones, muscles or skin.

The amount of protein that each person requires on a daily basis depends on different factors; such as age, sex, level of physical activity, body composition or physiological situation.

Foods to gain muscle

Taking into account the role of proteins for muscle function, below we explain some of the most important foods to gain muscle and that we should include in our diet if this were the purpose:

  1. Spinach: It is a vegetable source of glutamine, a key amino acid for the development of lean muscle mass. It is also an ideal food to increase resistance and muscle tone.
  2. Low-fat dairy: Milk and its derivatives is an important source of protein of animal origin. Thus, the most recommended option are the skimmed and low-fat versions.
  3. Turkey and chicken: This type of white meat helps increase muscle mass, while avoiding the consumption of saturated fat from red meat. Turkey and chicken are two protein source foods of animal origin. Always eat grilled.
  4. Eggs: Most of the proteins are in the white. The yolk provides vitamin D and some types of fats. However, it is one of the most complete foods in terms of its nutritional content.
  5. Vegetables: Legumes are a source of protein of plant origin. However, some of them provide all the essential amino acids. Thanks to their magnesium content, they also help reduce muscle cramps.

Other high-protein foods

In addition to those mentioned above, we also find another series of foods rich in protein and other nutritional components that help increase muscle.

plantain or banana

For example, tuna is one of the foods made up almost exclusively of protein. It is a fish that is easily metabolized and a perfect ally for gaining muscle mass.

Red meat is also rich in protein, although a higher consumption of white meat is preferable, which does not provide as much fat.

In another order we also have the sweet potato, a food similar to the potato that provides large doses of potassium to the body. And is that potassium is an essential nutritional element to obtain greater muscle mass.

Banana is another of the key foods in terms of muscle health. Many athletes choose to consume it during exercise. It is rich in potassium, magnesium, and calcium. In addition, it is ideal for preventing fatigue and muscle spasms.

Finally, we must not forget the consumption of citrus fruits, since its high content of vitamin C allows a greater production of collagen; this being a fundamental element in muscle fibers.

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