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These are the bad and inappropriate uses of baking soda


The sodium bicarbonate it is one of the most used elements for many functions. And it is that for some years, it has become the star product for its different uses. Today there are many people who use it in their day to day. Therefore, today we are going to talk about the situations for which this ingredient is not the most recommended. Since, although it serves to improve the appearance of many objects, including our own skin, there are also certain times when it is better not to use it.

And is that bicarbonate can have multiple uses, both for our own body and for cleaning our home. As for example, to improve the care of our garden. In this sense, it will help keep pests away, drive away parasites, hydrate and nourish plants and prevent the creation of fungi. So it really is a good product to keep our outdoor patio looking good.

But just as it has beneficial properties in its composition, there are exceptions that make it necessary to use bicarbonate in a conscious way. Without falling into the madness of using it for anything and not thinking about the possible adverse effects it may have.

In this article, we are going to expose all the situations in which this star product becomes a harmful one for our health. In this way, you will become aware and learn more about the uses of this article.

Situations in which we should not use bicarbonate

And we know that when something gains popularity and begins to gain fame, we all run to try it. Something similar has happened with bicarbonate, but also with the particularity that it is true that it serves a multitude of situations in our daily lives. Either as a star ingredient in any product of our daily beauty routine, to clean any corner of our kitchen or to leave our car pristine.

But the truth is that bicarbonate can also have adverse effects in some situations, such as if we use it as the main ingredient in our cosmetics. Or if we use it as a complement to our meals on a day-to-day basis.

baking soda

One of its most common uses is against heartburn. And it is that it has in its composition anti-inflammatory and neutralizing properties of the hydrochloric acid that is produced in the stomach, which make it ideal for people who have digestion problems. But here comes the warning, and it is that the experts assure that it should not take more than two weeks and do it at most twice a day.

On the other hand, another of its uses is to use it as a disinfectant product. And while it is true that it can work, it does not work as effectively as a real antibacterial. This happens because it is an acidity regulator, so it can create a rather unpleasant environment for viruses and bacteria. But this does not mean that it is 100% recommended to use it daily as an antibacterial product.

Metabolic alkalosis, dangers of consuming too much sodium bicarbonate

It is known as metabolic alkalosis to one of the different types of disorders that exist in relation to the acid-base balance of the body. In which there is a low concentration of circulating hydrogen ions, as well as an increase in bicarbonate levels .. Which in turn produces an elevation of the pH of the blood plasma, which should have a range of 7.35 at 7.45.

When a metabolic alkalosis occurs, the pH in the arteries is at a level that exceeds 7.45, while the plasma bicarbonate level is registered with a level greater than 25 mmol / l.

Basically and to better understand the problem, an excess of bicarbonate in the body can make the body’s acidity drop considerably as to affect the balance of different functions, which undoubtedly puts our health at risk.

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