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There is a new way to make natural juice at home with capsules


The technologies continue to revolutionize our lives at all levels, also in the field of feeding. Now a company has manufactured capsules to make natural juices in a coffee machine, in the purest style of preparing a coffee.

Juice is a deeply rooted type of diet among the Spanish and South American population. Although, most of the time, people prefer to consume natural juices, although their preparation may be heavier than necessary.

At this point, the Valencian company ‘Zutec’ has started an idea with which it intends to revolutionize the world of food and juice consumption; both in Spain, as in the whole world.

Thus, this company has launched the first fruit capsules to prepare fruit juices. In addition, the company ‘Zutec’ ensures that it is 100% natural capsules. Although, the most striking thing about these capsules is that they are compatible with the famous ‘Dolce Gusto’ coffee makers, where we usually make coffee every day.

Revolution in the juice industry

It is a brilliant idea that will allow consumers to incorporate juices of different flavors and 100% natural to their day to day. Thus, these Zutec capsules represent a 100% natural product, since it does not include preservatives or added sugars.

Zutec natural juice

These capsules can already be purchased through the company’s website at a price of 16.49 euros. At the moment, ‘Zutec’ It only has the flavors of orange, pineapple and peach. However, after evaluating the reception by customers, the company is considering expanding the range to many more flavors.

These capsules in the purest coffee style can be kept for 12 months without any problem at room temperature.

Preparing a natural juice at home has never been easier. And it is that this new way of making natural juice at home is going to revolutionize the juice industry worldwide. Thanks to this advance, anyone can enjoy a healthy drink in a comfortable way.

The preparation of this orange juice using natural capsules in the ‘Dolce Gusto’ coffee maker is very similar to making a coffee:

  • Put the natural juice capsule in the coffee maker.
  • Select ‘Cold water’ and dose your 200 ml juice.
  • Do it your way and enjoy a unique feeling.

The new natural juice capsules are already on Amazon

The new ‘Zutec’ capsules have a Valencian stamp. That is, they have been manufactured in Spain. Juan Valls Ochoa, co-owner of the company, has stated about this new innovative product: «Zutec is much more than capsules for making juice, since we are driven by the purpose of offering the best juice. For this reason, we have transformed the way of preparing it, simplifying the way of consumption to make it a comfortable, simple and pleasant experience for the whole family, which brings other benefits beyond the juice ”.

According to the manufacturers, the taste of these capsules is like obtaining a freshly squeezed juice. This is one of the charms of this new way of preparing natural juice, in a simpler way and with the great benefits of a traditional preparation.

For this, from Zutec they have carefully selected the raw material to make each of the flavors of the capsules. In the case of the orange flavor, they are made like Valencian orange, the peach capsules contain peach from Murcia and the pineapple capsules come directly from Costa Rica.

Juice capsules will soon be available in all supermarkets in Spain. Although, currently they can already be purchased on the company’s website. In addition, ‘Zutec’ already has a presence on Amazon and this new product has already begun to be marketed in the United States, Canada or Mexico.

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