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The perfect food to protect the flora of our digestive system


The yogurt is a food which has always been classified as very healthy by nutritionists. Among its properties, it stands out that of protecting the intestinal flora of our digestive system, providing well-being in our body.

It has always been said that it is a very important food in the diet of growing children, but also for the elderly. This is because it is a food that has a large amount of nutrients, is rich in calcium and has excellent gastrointestinal qualities.

For this reason, experts always advise seeing the preparation of yogurt, so that it has the most beneficial properties for our body, that it has milk, being a dairy nutrient, and does not have a lot of sugar.

This food is a essential probiotic It has almost 100 million bacteria and many properties for our body. The consumption of foods with probiotics, such as yogurt, helps maintain the balance of the digestive system and intestinal flora.

Yogurt is capable of “regenerating the intestinal flora”

«The microorganisms found in yogurt are capable of regenerating the intestinal flora. In addition, the bifidusbacteria present in yogurt also stimulate the immune system, “said nutritionist Marta Sanz in an interview with La Vanguardia.

It is very important to take into account the composition of yogurt when talking about its beneficial properties for the intestinal flora and the digestive system.

probiotic food yogurt

As Marta Sanz explains, “the proteins it contains are of high biological value. The main one that we find is casein (80% proteins) and to a much lesser extent lactoglobulin and lactalbumin. The protein content in 100 grams of whole plain yogurt is 3.5 grams.

To this must be added other values ​​such as calcium, present in yogurt and which is the most important mineral for the growth of the human body. It also influences its maintenance and reproduction, as well as strengthening teeth and bones. And it is that, who has not ever been told “drink milk” or “take yogurt, which has calcium for teeth and bones.”

«The main sugar that we find is the lactose, this sugar is only found in milk. Lactose is needed for the digestion of lactose, an enzyme secreted by the cells of the intestinal mucosa “, says nutritionist Marta Sanz to La Vanguardia.

Of course, we must bear in mind that this lactose during the fermentation of yogurt is transformed into lactic acid. Subsequently, this acid will help the development of the intestinal flora, having a key function to control the appearance of intestinal diseases.

The vitamin contribution of yogurt

Yogurt is a food rich in vitamin, especially in vitamin B2, known as riboflavin, and in vitamin D (calciferol). “Yogurt offers a high quality of nutrients and is low in calories. It is a source of calcium, high-quality complete proteins and vitamins of group B, Vitamin A and Vitamin D ”, say the experts.

natural yogurt lose weight

Vitamin B2 is difficult to find in food and serves to protect us from indigestion, while vitamin D favors the absorption of calcium and phosphorus in the bones.

Finally, the specialists emphasize that “yogurt is a potentially beneficial food for our health, when it is integrated into a varied diet, such as Mediterranean diet. And not only that. Yogurt takes care of our intestines and that is synonymous with taking care of our defenses ».

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