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The pandemic has eliminated the Mediterranean diet and increased obesity


Dr. Julio Maset, Cinfa’s doctor, has stressed that “overweight and obesity were already a pandemic in themselves before the Covid-19, but the social situation that started a year ago has added to the recipe food not healthy at all. Such as sedentary lifestyle, put aside the healthy Mediterranean diet and the deterioration of eating habits.

Thus, he details that “the confinement, the lack of leisure options abroad and the restrictions on mobility have caused us to spend more hours at home and lead a less active life.”

Added to this is the fact that the anxiety produced by economic and health uncertainty or boredom contribute to a worse diet and a greater consumption of alcoholic or sugary beverages. “In addition, ordering fast food at home is now a much more frequent practice,” warns the doctor.

Thus, the health risks are numerous, since being overweight and, especially, obesity, constitute a risk factor for many diseases. These include cardiovascular disorders, type 2 diabetes, respiratory diseases, high cholesterol, and numerous types of cancer.

Obesity: a risk factor for seriously contracting Covid-19

On the other hand, current studies show that obesity is a risk factor in the event of contracting the Covid-19 disease. This means a higher rate of hospitalization, an increase in ICU admissions and the development of serious health consequences, and even death.

Overweight older person
Overweight older person

“Therefore, there are more reasons than ever to do our part to prevent excess weight with healthy eating and active lifestyle guidelines. It is true that, in many cases, we have had to abandon our physical exercise routines and have fallen into a poorly nutritious diet, but we are always in time to turn the situation around. And, now that the good weather is here, adopt or resume the appropriate habits, ”says the Cinfa expert.

Regarding how to improve your diet, the Cinfa expert proposes to start by planning your shopping list well, with plenty of healthy vegetables, fruits and proteins, and avoiding less suitable products.

“Eating in a varied and balanced way will increase our well-being, reduce the risks of obesity from Covid-19 and strengthen our immune system, whose ability to stand up to the coronavirus and other germs will be much greater. And if we have young children, we can involve them in the preparation of that shopping list and reaffirm a healthier family diet ”, concludes the Cinfa expert.

4 tips to stop being overweight in times of pandemic

The expert provides 10 tips to cope with being overweight. First of all, remember the importance of eating everything and in the right amounts. Bet on the Mediterranean diet, with a high consumption of cereals, fruits, vegetables and legumes, a high presence of fish and slightly less of white and dairy meat and a low consumption of red meat.

Likewise, it also recommends avoiding snacking between meals and remember the importance of eating five meals a day to stay satiated. “Have a strong breakfast, lunch, eat well, have a snack and a light dinner, following regular hours and, if possible, planning weekly what you will take at each meal,” he advises.

diet overweight obesity

Making the shopping list in advance is another of the recommendations of this expert. “It is the best way to ensure that you fill your fridge with healthy foods and, above all, that you do not fall into the temptations that we encounter while pushing the supermarket cart. It is also a good idea to do the shopping on a full stomach and set a time limit to carry it out, “he said.

On the other hand, the doctor urges you to avoid abusing fast food at home. “Generally, the typical menus of the applications or services of food at home tend to be rich in saturated fats and carbohydrates and their nutritional value, low”.

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