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The most expensive tea in the world is worth more than 180 euros and is from India


The tea it is a food consumed in practically the whole world. Some people feel a real addiction for its taste or the properties it brings to the body, but would you be willing to pay 184 euros for just one infusion cup?

Surely, among all the users who surf the net, we will find someone who would be able to spend almost 200 euros to try what is considered the most expensive tea in the world.

It is the ‘Golden Tips Tea’, a tea that has been available for more than two years at ‘The Rubens at the Palace’, near Buckingham Palace and whose price is the highest in the world.

This ‘deluxe’ tea comes from the north of Sri Lanka (India) and is served in three-cup teleras, rising to a price of 550 euros. The place, presentation and unusual taste of this tea cause an exorbitant price for most mortals.

Characteristics of the most expensive tea in the world

Golden Tips Tea is not a tea with special characteristics or effects that are different from most other types of tea. Although, the specialists in the trade of this type of infusions ‘PM David Silva & Sons’ claim that it is a tea that can be infused up to three times, allowing the consumer to differentiate between three different degrees of flavors.

Golden Tips Tea
Golden Tips Tea

This is one of the highlights of the ‘Golden Tips Tea’, with a totally unique flavor. And it is not for less, since each cup of this succulent tea has a price of 184 euros; that come to be about 200 dollars to change.

Where can it be consumed

Currently, this tea can only be tasted at ‘The Rubens’ and more specifically at The Palace Lounge. Also, it is advisable to book in advance; while an expert will offer it on refined silver tableware and enjoy a glass of champagne that is included in the final price.

In addition, in this establishment it is also possible to taste different varieties of tea, the cheapest modality being at a price of 50 euros. Although it is still a high price, it is more affordable for the pocket.

Matcha tea on the Internet

As far as expensive tea is concerned, one of those that has a higher price is the 100% organic premium matcha tea which has a market price of 32.95 euros per month. Of course, it is a pot of 80 grams of matcha powder, which allows you to make more than 50 infusions.

Matcha is a variety of green tea native to Japan. It is one of the most consumed today due to its important properties, flavor and preparation possibilities, as it is a powdered tea.

Among the characteristics of matcha, its antioxidant power stands out, it reduces cholesterol levels, it provides important doses of proteins and vitamins (especially vitamin C). It is stimulating, provides energy and helps reduce stress.

In addition, it prevents fluid retention, is recommended for people with diabetes, provides energy to the body and helps burn calories; among other benefits.

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