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The main ‘dangers’ of drinking lemon juice on an empty stomach


The lemon juice In the morning it could be very beneficial to our health, not only because of its ability to lose weight, but also because of the great benefits it contains to stimulate the immune system. However, there is a false belief that taking lemon juice on an empty stomach increases its benefits, something that is not entirely true and that it could carry certain risks.

For a lifetime it has been believed that a glass of warm water with some lemon juice on an empty stomach is one of the healthiest and most recommended practices to start the day. According to hypotheses, warm water prepares our stomach to eat food, as well as to stimulate the intestines. For its part, lemon “purifies the body” and “alkalizes it”, as it forms part of the alkaline diet, and also provides the vitamin C necessary for proper daily functioning.

Fasting Lemon Juice Misconceptions

In general, lemon juice is attributed a satiating power by the dietary fiber of the lemon, as well as a great contribution in polyphenols that prevent weight gain by acting as a fat burner and even improve the skin and prevent cancer.

Despite all these beliefs, the only demonstrable benefit in this that we have just said is that a freshly raised glass of warm water can hydrate us, but nothing to do with lemon. The rest of the supposed benefits are not scientifically proven, so to say that lemon juice “cleanses the body” is false and totally ambiguous.

In addition, it is also completely false that lemon juice contributes to body pH in accordance with the alkaline diet, since it implies a contribution of ascorbic acid that in the first instance presents a low pH. In addition, it is not satiating either, beyond the power of the water itself, because the squeezed lemon juice lacks vegetable fiber unless we eat the pulp later.

Homemade lemon juice
Homemade lemon juice

For their part, polyphenols, which are found mainly in the pores of the lemon peel and that produce the characteristic smell of lemon, it is true that they certify that these substances help in mice to control weight by inhibiting the formation of fatty matter , but in the same they gave the animals large quantities of them, which would be disproportionate to humans.

In addition, it is not proven that they improve the quality of our skin, nor that they stimulate the synthesis of dermal collagen. On the other hand, the contribution of vitamin C, if it is correct, but the amounts that they contribute do not cover the daily minimum: 90 mg / day in men and 75 mg / day in women.

Reasons not to drink lemon juice on an empty stomach

There are numerous reasons not to drink lemon juice on an empty stomach. The first one is that being a clearly acidic product, it can lead to heartburn or the beginning of gastric ulcer, which can accentuate these problems, given the low pH of the juice. Therefore, it is best to take products that do not further acidify the mucosa.

On the other hand, what we are drinking is lemon juice, a drink that contains free sugars and no vegetable fiber. Probably the amount of sugars is ridiculous, but if we think that its vitamin contribution is enough for the morning, we will refrain from eating one or more pieces of fruit with its pulp, which are equal to or more rich in vitamins, have satiating fiber and they also hydrate us.

Therefore, we will move away from what is considered a healthy diet and reduce its fiber intake, especially depriving our intestinal flora of its food, which is likely to be impaired. Finally, drinking acidic juice on an empty stomach can affect the quality of our teeth, since the acids in lemon are especially corrosive to enamel.

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