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The Harvard University diet, ideal for losing weight and living longer


A new study conducted by the School of Public Health of the Harvard University (United States) has revealed that what is known as Harvard diet is linked to the daily intake of specific foods and in certain amounts, something that helps to lose weight and live longer.

In this sense, the health specialists of this school have created a reference plate to eat in a healthy way, all with the aim that consumers make it a routine in their lives. In addition, the goal is also that it can be used to lose weight in a healthy way.

From Harvard University they have hit the key: create a diet to eat healthy, which helps to lose weight and increases our life expectancy.

And it is that, after a long study, it has been confirmed that following the nutritional program proposed by Harvard University is associated with the decrease in mortality rates.

Foods Included in the Harvard University Diet

The main foods recommended by nutritionists appear in the diet studied by Harvard University. We talk about fruits, the vegetables, the protein and the whole grains.

The division of the dishes must be very simple. It should have fruits, vegetables, 25% protein and another 25% carbohydrates. In this way we would have the perfect dish.

Fruits vegetables vitamin B12

The University of Andalusia recommends during the day you should consume three pieces of vegetables and two of fruit. Among the essential vegetables when it comes to this diet are onion, tomato, lettuce and pepper, among others.

“The plate for healthy eating encourages combining fruits and vegetables of different colors, the best way to ensure that we are taking all the nutrients our body needs.” This is what Lina Robles, nutritionist at the Sanitas La Zarzuela University Hospital, in Madrid, in The vanguard.

For the carbohydrate ration, you can include whole grain rice and wheat or oats, which are classified as perfect foods to replace refined grains that tend to be less healthy.

The last part of the plate recommended by the Harvard University It must be made up of proteins, which can be found in chicken and fish meat or in eggs and legumes. In addition, experts recommend red and processed meats.

Vegetable oils should be used to prepare or season meals, as stated in the portal Mega news.

Healthy lifestyle habits

For the diet proposed by Harvard University to work completely, it must be combined with more elements. For example, you should avoid the consumption of sugary drinks and replace them with water, mainly coffee or tea.

In addition, you have to do physical activity, an element always linked to healthy lifestyle habits.

It is also advisable not to consume alcoholic beverages and to drink natural things, which is always the best option.

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