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The best ingredients to clean aluminum surfaces or objects at home


The cleaning of our house is usually complicated when you need to do it by keeping certain surfaces or objects that are made with delicate materials that needs special care not to damage them.

One of the most delicate materials that are usually present on the surfaces or in the objects of our homes is the aluminum, a metal that needs certain techniques and products to maintain shine that we all want, that is why today we wanted to give some advice on how to clean aluminum.

How to clean it with household products?

Many products that are usually found in our pantries are very effective when cleaning aluminum surfaces.

Salt, vinegar and flour

Although there are a large number of specialized products for aluminum surface cleaningThis time we want to teach you how to use three products that almost everyone has at home, such as flour, salt and vinegar.

The first step is to add a tablespoon of salt in a container and add white vinegar to it and mix until the salt dissolves.

Then flour is added little by little as it is mixed, until a paste is formed.

Then the mixture is added to a cloth to apply it on the surface or the aluminum object that we want to clean, it is recommended to apply first in a small area to observe the effects.

The paste should be left to act for approximately 15 minutes, although in the event that the material is very deteriorated or neglected, it is recommended to leave it for approximately one hour.

After the time has elapsed, the mixture should be stirred with plenty of lukewarm water, followed by a clean cloth or sponge to dry and polish the material.

Baking soda and lemon

Another of the most effective ways to clean and polish aluminum is by using lemon juice with baking soda.

Once the mixture is prepared using equal parts of both elements, a sponge should be wetted with the preparation and then applied on the surface, to leave it to act for about 20 minutes and then stir with water.

Sodium bicarbonate
Sodium bicarbonate

You can also substitute the baking soda for toothpaste, in this case you should use a clean and dry wipe, applying it with circular movements.


Although it may surprise us, the most famous tomato sauce in the world is not only used to accompany French fries or to spread on a pasta with ground meat, as it is also very effective for cleaning aluminum objects.

This sauce can help eliminate the oxidation of different metals, among which is aluminum.

To achieve good results, a layer of Ketchup should be applied to the aluminum surface and then allowed to act for approximately 20 minutes.

Then it is rubbed with a dry and soft cloth over the area where the sauce has been applied and then it is rinsed with plenty of warm water until it is completely removed.

Finally, the surface is dried with an old cloth, but clean and polished until the desired shine is achieved.

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