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So you can eliminate abdominal gas with bicarbonate


If there is a natural ingredient that helps improve our body in many aspects, that is the sodium bicarbonate. And it is that thanks to its multiple properties anti-inflammatory and antioxidants, helps, among other things, to reduce inflammation of the abdominal area and eliminate gases, contributing to our well-being.

And is that most people suffer from abdominal bloating due to the accumulation of gases in the belly area. This is above all an aesthetic problem, but it can cause us to have abdominal pain and stomach heaviness.

Therefore, introduce products that help to avoid gas production and eliminate them if they have already appeared, it is something that will help us feel better in our day to day.

In this way, sodium bicarbonate has been positioned as a very beneficial ingredient to help us combat this problem.

So the best thing is that we know why this happens like this, and how we can use it to really meet this goal.

Why does bicarbonate help to eliminate gas from our abdomen?

The sodium bicarbonate It is a good food to control the proper functioning of the digestive system. In the same way, it is also very beneficial to control the production of gases in our abdomen.

sodium bicarbonate

Why is this happening? The bicarbonate causes a reaction to occur with stomach acids. This causes carbon dioxide to be produced, which helps promote the expulsion of gases from our body.

In addition, bicarbonate also helps the formation of an alkaline pH that dissolves and makes it easier to solve some digestive conditions such as abdominal bloating, gas or slow digestion.

How can you use baking soda to eliminate gas?

There are many options to eliminate gases with sodium bicarbonate, and using any of them we will get our body to absorb all its properties and be able to benefit it.

These natural remedies with bicarbonate are passed down from generation to generation, which is why they have been with us for thousands of years.

Baking soda with water

One of the most common uses of bicarbonate is to take it with water, because in this way we are going to reduce the power of its antioxidant properties.

sodium bicarbonate
Glass with baking soda

To prepare it we do not need many utensils or a lot of time. You must put half a tablespoon of baking soda in a glass of water and stir it until it dissolves.

In this way we will have the perfect solution to prevent gases from accumulating in our abdominal area.

With lemon

Lemon is another of the most beneficial foods that we will be able to incorporate into our daily diet. In this way, combining two products as powerful as lemon and bicarbonate will make us improve our health exponentially.

Baking soda
Baking soda

Lemon helps speed up the digestions that occur in our stomach, and also helps it to empty quickly.

To prepare it, you just have to include the lemon with the bicarbonate in a glass of water. Stir until the solution is homogeneous, and take it every two or three days to avoid damaging our body.

With apple cider vinegar

The bicarbonate together with apple cider vinegar will make our body improve its functioning considerably.

In addition to avoiding accumulation of gases and activate our digestive system, this mixture is also perfect to avoid constipation.

In this case, you will only have to add two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to a glass with bicarbonate and lemon and stir everything very well.

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