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Nuts are not fattening and this is confirmed by experts


The nuts have always been considered a group of food with great properties for Health of people. However, it has always been accompanied by the label of being high in caloric content and therefore causing a weight gain.

Now, CIBEROBN researchers from the URV-IISPV Human Nutrition Unit confirm that nuts are not fattening, as was believed.

This research work has been published in the scientific journal ‘Obesity Reviews‘and has counted on the collaboration of the Unit of Clinical Trials and Synthesis of 3D Knowledge; in addition to the Toronto Medical University (Canada).

In conclusion, this study determines that the daily consumption of approximately 30 or 45 grams per day of raw nuts can be highly beneficial for health; highlighting especially walnuts.

Health benefits of nuts

Nuts are not a food that is harmful to health, but quite the opposite. It is a type of food recommended for cardiovascular health, thanks to its properties. Although, there has always been some concern in the context of the consumption of nuts for their fat content and supposedly favoring weight gain.


One of the main researchers of this study, Jordi Salas, explains that «there remains a concern among consumers that nuts can contribute to weight gain due to their high energy density and fat content, with a worldwide consumption of nuts below the amounts recommended for health benefits.

The truth is that for years there has been a climate of distrust towards nuts. On the one hand, medical specialists recommend its consumption for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, but on the other hand they warn that its excessive consumption invites weight gain.

With all this, the authors of this research started with the objective of conducting a systematic review and meta-analysis of prospective cohorts; in addition to randomized clinical trials collecting all possible scientific evidence regarding nuts and their action in the body.

They don’t get fat, researchers confirm

Finally, this extensive research work has involved almost 6,000 participants undergoing a full GRADE evaluation on the evidence of the impact of this type of food on health and possible weight gain.

In conclusion, the researchers point out that “nuts can be freely recommended without any concern that they may contribute to weight gain, as is the case with other heart-healthy foods, such as fruits and vegetables. vegetables”.

Furthermore, this research work also found that ‘meta-regression showed that higher walnut intake was associated with reductions in body weight and body fat. Current evidence shows that the concern that nut consumption contributes to increased adiposity seems unwarranted. ‘

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