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Matcha tea, the fashionable drink that improves concentration


Since the matcha tea arrived in Spain, many have been the people who have joined this phenomenon. And it is that it has many healthy benefits for our body that make it a perfect complement in our diet. Among them, matcha tea improves concentration and increases the activity of our brain. In this way, we will increase our memory and the functioning of our mind.

Originally from China, for them it is like a magical elixir that cures any discomfort. In fact, many are the scientific studies that confirm these beliefs. It prevents the appearance of diseases such as cholesterol or diabetes, increases the production of serotonin in our brain, helps prevent premature aging of the skin and is perfect if we want to lose weight.

L-theanine is one of the compounds in matcha tea that help make this a perfect product to increase concentration. Therefore, if you are a student during exam time or you simply want to develop this ability in your brain, this tea is ideal for you. It can also be taken at any time, although experts say that it is better absorbed on an empty stomach.

Increases concentration due to its high levels of L-theanine

And it is that for many years, during the extensive exam periods that students pass, they have thought of a thousand and one ways to increase concentration. Anything is good to avoid responsibilities, so it is best to go to natural food supplements. These will help us improve the functioning of our brain, retaining information better in the same way that we will be more focused.

Therefore, matcha tea is presented as an ideal product to achieve this. And it is that it has in its composition high levels of L-theanine and caffeine, which together make our brain stimulate. These two compounds form the perfect combination for our body. Since L-theanine what it does is that our body absorbs caffeine better and faster.

In addition, this amino acid present in matcha tea produces more energy than coffee. The fundamental difference between the two drinks is that while the latter causes us to experience a sudden and temporary energy boost, matcha tea does the opposite. Maintaining this increase in energy for a longer time, and causing our state to change gradually.

Matcha skin tea
Matcha tea

Professionals say that the energizing effect of matcha tea can last up to 7 hours after taking it. So it really is a better alternative, much healthier, than the traditional coffee that we all consume.

Mercadona has the cheapest matcha tea on the market

In its struggle to be the best-selling supermarket in Spain, Mercadona always knows how to satisfy the needs of its public. Among its wide range of teas and infusions, now we will also be able to find matcha tea on its shelves. And it is that this would not be long in coming, since this drink has become fashionable in many European countries.

In this case, we are going to find Mercadona matcha tea for a price that does not reach 3 euros. In the container we will find 10 envelopes of 15 grams each, something quite affordable for any pocket. As the quintessential Spanish establishment has accustomed us to. That although it is true that during its history it has been raising its prices as it has been attracting consumers, we can still find some things at very cheap prices.

So if you are thinking of trying matcha tea, a very appropriate recommendation is to get this product at Mercadona. Since if you feel that the flavor does not fit your tastes, you will not have wasted too much money on it.

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