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Lemon, a great ally for kitchen cleaning


The lemon it’s a food that incorporates a multitude of benefits to the health of our body. It is an acid citric that is consumed on numerous occasions as drink, either with water or as lemon juice. But it is also an element that can be used for cleaning of home.

In fact, using lemon juice for cleaning is one of the most recommended options to take advantage of the properties of this fruit. And is that lemon is a natural product, which does not harm the environment.

Cleaning the kitchen with lemon

The lemon It is a great ally for kitchen cleaning, with many beneficial properties for this area of ​​the house. Grease is the kitchen’s great enemy when it comes to cleanliness. It appears everywhere, but with this citrus we have the possibility to get rid of it quickly.

From the cleaning company iKiwi they recommend squeezing a couple of lemons and the juice that it gives us, we will mix it with baking soda. Once we have this mixture, we will wet a clean cloth in it and rub the walls of the oven gently.

Home cleaning with lemon
Home cleaning with lemon

Let the solution act for 15 minutes and then rinse with a clean cloth; and the results will leave us with an open mouth and a clean oven.

The same will happen with the microwave. In this case, it is advisable to fill a cup with warm water and add three or four tablespoons of lemon juice. The cup will be left in the microwave, which will run until the mixture boils and will turn off after 2 minutes.

At 10 minutes, it will be the turn to see the result. We will open the door, we will remove the cup and we will see how the appliance will have been clean.

The lemon It will also serve to clean limescale from the sink. Like vinegar, it is a great ally to protect our kitchen. In this case, we must make a juice with the citrus and soak a clean cloth in it. Then you will have to rub the stains and wait 10 minutes to rinse with another cloth. Like magic, the lime will disappear like nothing.

Another option would be to cut a lemon in half and rub it directly on the surface of the sink and its taps. When 10 minutes pass, we will remove the solution with another cloth and that’s it.

Lemon juice in household chores
Lemon juice in housework

In addition, with lemon we can clean the joints of the tiles. We will mix lemon juice and soap powder. Then, we will immerse a toothbrush in this mixture and rub with intensity in the joints until they are flawless.

Lemon to avoid bad smells in the kitchen

As we have seen, the lemon It is used to clean the kitchen, but it can also be used to eliminate bad odors. When dealing with fresh food, it is more common for them to leave an odor in their wake, whether in the fridge, oven, microwave or on the counter.

To do this, one of the best options to eliminate these odors is lemon. For example, cut a lemon in half and leave it in the refrigerator for a week, you will see how the smell of the refrigerator changes for the better.

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