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Kombucha tea, the probiotic drink that improves our body


«Probably many people would gain in quality of life by increasing their intake of probiotics«. This is what Allan Walker, professor at the University of Harvard. And is that probiotics are food that have been fermented and have developed healthy microorganisms. These nutrients are positive for our organism and they allow to improve the health and well-being of our body.

When we eat these foods they can change our microbiota normal, improving digestion or enhancing the immune health of our body. In addition, you can also contribute to these actions:

  • Help lose weight
  • Increase respiratory health
  • Fight allergies
  • Increase energy through the production of vitamin B12
  • Fight depression
  • Improve skin
  • Lower cholesterol levels

Probiotic foods, as experts point out, have good bacteria that act on the lining of the skin. intestinal flora in order to protect the body from harmful invaders.

In this way, our body by taking these nutrients will improve its ability to fight infections and to cushion chronic inflammation.

Among the probiotic foods we have to highlight yogurt, kefir, raw cheese, apple cider vinegar, olives or kombucha, which we are going to talk about next.

Kombucha tea, the probiotic drink that improves our body

The kombucha It is a fermented drink with an acid taste of Asian origin and with more than 2,000 years of history. It is a sugary tea that has been fermented with the collaboration of a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeasts.

Kombucha tea
Kombucha tea

As a result of that a drink is born prebiotic between sweet and sour with a soft natural bubble. Kombucha tea is also known as Manchurian mushroom, tea mushroom, or Chinese mushroom, and in China it is called the “elixir of immortal health.”

The Laboratory of Industrial Microbiology and Food Biotechnology of the University of Riga, in Latvia, indicates in a study that this tea can help protect health thanks to several properties found in Kombucha.

Among its main benefits we find its value as antioxidant, which helps the depressed immune system and provides energy. There is also research showing that drinking kombucha tea can reduce cardiovascular risk by improving markers for LDL (bad) cholesterol and also HDL (good) cholesterol.

Other characteristics of this probiotic drink is that it is a great antibacterial, since when it is subjected to fermentation it produces acetic acid, a substance typical of vinegar that can kill different microorganisms that are harmful to health.

Finally, a study found that kombucha tea serves to slow down the digestion carbohydrates, helping to minimize blood sugar levels, favoring the diabetes.

you kombucha

To all the aforementioned, it must be added that, like other fermented foods such as kefir or yogurt, they present a large load of probiotics. These bacteria benefit health and help maintain a balanced and varied intestinal flora.

When should I not drink kombucha tea?

Experts say that kombucha tea, a drink that has probiotics, should be avoided during pregnancy, lactation and in childhood.

In addition, there are studies that indicate that if you suffer from any pathology, fermented beverages should not be consumed without first consulting your doctor.

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