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Kefir increases immunity and improves allergies


The kefir is considered a healthy drink of the XXI century. This is a fermented milk drink made from starter ‘grains’, which are really a combination of bacteria and yeast. Thus, it can be made with any type of milk, goat, sheep, cow, soy, rice or even coconut.

This fermented drink has been used for thousands of years in different cultures around the world and has been shown to provide significant health benefits.

One of the most striking aspects of kefir is its nutritional value. As explained by the Spanish Association of Lactose Intolerant, kefir is rich in vitamin B12, magnesium, vitamin K2, biotin, folate, enzymes, probiotics and even vitamin D.

Benefits of consuming kefir

It should be noted that kefir does not have a standardized nutritional content. And it is that the nutritional values ​​of this food can vary depending on the cows, cultures or region where it is produced.

Kefir probiotic food

Although, practically all types of kefir provide the same health benefits after consumption. For example, it boosts immunity, builds bone strength, potentially fights cancer, supports digestion, improves allergies, heals skin, and improves lactose intolerance symptoms.

Increase immunity

Kefir is a food that contains many important nutrients for health, such as biotin or folate, which help to activate the immune system and protect the body’s cells.

In addition, this characteristic food also houses a powerful compound that is only found in this probiotic drink. It is an insoluble polysaccharide called kefiran, which is shown to have antimicrobial properties.

Strengthens bones

Kefir made from full-fat dairy contains high levels of calcium. In addition, its composition also includes other bioactive compounds that help absorb calcium in the body and stop bone degeneration.

In addition, the probiotics in kefir allow a better absorption of nutrients and the dairy products of its production contain all the ideal nutritional elements to improve the resistance of the bones. We are talking about phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, vitamin D, and vitamin K2.

Kefir supports digestion

The latest research suggests that consuming probiotic foods such as kefir milk and kefir yogurt can help restore the balance of bacteria in the gut and fight gastrointestinal illnesses.

The high presence of probiotics in this food helps to restore the lost flora that fights against pathogens. In addition, it also intervenes in the fight against disruptive diarrhea.

Improve allergies

Many forms of allergy are linked to inflammation problems in the body. Thus, kefir, due to its properties, has the ability to help treat inflammation and reduce the risk of respiratory problems such as allergies and asthma.

On the other hand, the live microorganisms present in kefir help the immune system to naturally suppress allergic reactions and contribute to modifying the body’s response to systemic allergy flare-ups.

Beneficial for skin care

Kefir is a food that not only has a positive effect on systemic skin problems, but also has beneficial effects on skin problems such as burns and rashes.

Improves lactose intolerance symptoms

Kefir is a food that improves lactose intolerance symptoms. This is assured by the Spanish Association of lactose intolerant. And it is that the active ingredient in kefir helps to break down lactose and makes it easier to digest.

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