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Karlos Arguiñano’s delicious lemon sorbet that is already the dessert of summer


The lemon It is one of the star foods when the summer. In order to refresh our diet during these hot months, Karlos Arguiñano has prepared a succulent lemon sorbet with txakoli in his Antena 3 program. The cook has shown an ideal drink to surprise at family meals and give us a healthy taste.

To carry it out, we only need three ingredients. In less than two minutes, the Basque has prepared this traditional dessert to which he has added a very special touch with a local wine, Txakolí white wine.

In general, the lemon sorbet is usually made with cava or sometimes with cider, but with the txakolí wine, the chef has given a special and different touch to this light and refreshing dessert for the summer.

This is how Karlos Arguiñano’s lemon sorbet is prepared

In addition to its tasty flavor, lemon sorbet provides healthy benefits for digestion and has antioxidant properties. This recipe by Karlos Arguiñano is very easy and simple to prepare and we will only need the following ingredients:

  • 750 milliliters of lemon sorbet ice cream
  • 50 milliliters of liquid cream
  • 185 milliliters of txakolí wine

Of course, if we do not have this type of white wine, we can use any other, but it loses the taste of the recipe provided by the cook.

For its preparation, we only have to introduce the three ingredients in the blender for a few seconds, until the lemon sorbet is completely bound. To finish, place the sorbet in a glass and place some strips of lemon peel to garnish and give our dessert a more special touch.

What are the benefits of drinking lemon juice?

Drinking lemon juice in the morning has a series of infinite benefits, but these are the first ones that you will notice in your body:

  1. The acidic flavor of lemon increases the excretion of acids through the urine, thus producing an alkalizing and therefore detoxifying effect. The pH of lemon is possibly one of the most acidic among fruits, so it maintains the pH balance in the body.
  2. A glass of juice with lemon provides 2 kilocalories, and in return it offers us potassium, flavonones and some fiber. This formula is purifying and improves blood circulation.
  3. Lemon juice is an ideal remedy to cure colds and pharyngitis. In addition, it has a great stimulating efficacy on immunity due to its decent high levels of vitamin C.
  4. Lemon juice with warm water helps in rapid weight loss, due to its properties in digestion and increases the metabolic rate.
  5. Lemon’s anti-inflammatory properties help fight respiratory tract infections, sore throats, and inflammation of the tonsils. Drinking this juice with hot water also helps reduce joint and muscle pain. Also, it keeps the body hydrated as it provides electrolytes to the body.

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