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Is it true that natural yogurt helps you lose weight?


The yoghurt It is a food with a multitude of very beneficial probiotics for our body, and can even help slim down. For some time, it has become an essential product in the diet daily life of many people. And it is also that it can be eaten in many ways. From alone, with nuts or as a topping for other meals. Yogurt is always a good option for any time of the day.

Of course, you should know that the best is natural yogurt. Since it is the only one that is not going to add extra calories to your diet, plus it does not contain any type of sugars or harmful additives. Therefore, you should always choose this type of yogurt. Or in your case, if you want to change the texture a bit, buy plain Greek yogurt. That will do the same function as the traditional one but maybe it will help you not get tired of its flavor.

And it is that in its composition we will find a multitude of properties, vitamins and minerals that will have a very positive effect on our body. Therefore, professional nutritionists always recommend it as a food supplement to fill us up at any time of the day.

Does plain yogurt help you lose weight or is it just a myth?

Around the foods considered ‘healthy’, we will find many that really are and others that are just simple myths. In the case of yogurt, science has conducted several studies that demonstrate its true function in our body. In its composition we will find many nutrients and high levels of calcium, as well as live bacteria and a multitude of probiotics that will activate our intestinal flora.

As for its slimming power, according to the Yogurt in Nutrition website, there is a lot of research that shows that natural yogurt has a positive relationship with regard to the loss of body fat. And it is that it has been shown that this product helps accelerate the weight loss process if you are carrying out a weight loss diet.

In addition, yogurt has also been positioned as a perfect food to maintain our weight. And it is that calcium is a micronutrient that affects the reduction of fat in our body, at the same time that it prevents the creation of sebum cells.


On the other hand, the live bacteria and probiotics found naturally in plain yogurt help to cleanse and keep our intestines active. And it is that it has a modulating role in our intestinal microbiota. In addition, the proteins that yogurt gives us make us feel more satisfied. And that our body maintains the muscles during weight loss.

Yogurt diet: lose weight in a healthy way

To do the yogurt diet, you must do it for three days. At the beginning you should have 5 meals per day, all accompanied by yogurt; A suggestion for breakfast can be coffee, tea or orange juice accompanied by a yogurt, mid-morning or mid-afternoon a yogurt with seasonal fruit.

It is designed for a person to lose two to three kilos for three days, during which time you will need to restrict your diet. This method is not a routine that you should lengthen. Since it may be that if you do it for a long period of time, you have more detrimental effects on your health than positive.

Even so, if you want to carry it out correctly, it is best that you consult with your family doctor so that it adapts to your state of health. So you can do it in a healthy way and without any risk.

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