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If you are in this group of people, you “should not” drink Green Tea


The popularity of Green Tea is due to the multiple properties and the beneficial that this has, among which we can mention the prevention of different respiratory diseases, the decrease in the chances of suffering from cancer or the acceleration of the metabolism.

However the Green Tea It is not recommended in all cases, and like any drink or food it is better to know its contraindications to avoid any adverse reaction.

For this reason, today we have compiled a series of warnings so that we all know which are the people who have contraindicated the consumption of green tea.

Group of people who do not recommend the consumption of green tea

Despite the fact that green tea is so healthy and knowing which are the cases in which it is contraindicated, it will always be a better decision to go to a doctor and then to a nutritionist to show us what other elements we can substitute or to find out if there is any particular contradiction.

People with sleep disorders

Green tea is a drink that contains theine, which is a type of caffeine that stimulates and energizes the body, so those who have difficulty sleeping, especially when it comes to insomnia, should not take it.

Anemic people

One of the effects of green tea is that it decreases the absorption of iron, which would be a big problem for people suffering from anemia, who need to increase iron in the body.

People with sensitivity to caffeine

The theine present in the properties of green tea is a type of caffeine, for this reason people with sensitivity to this substance can be affected.

Hypertensive people

Green tea can increase blood pressure, so its consumption is contraindicated in hypertensive people.

Pregnant or lactating women

This is another of the contraindications that are due to caffeine, as this is a substance that should not be consumed by women who are pregnant or who are going through a period of breastfeeding.

In addition to reducing the absorption of iron and folic acid, two equally important substances for pregnant women.

Green Tea
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If we do not belong to this group of people to whom the green tea consumptionWe must also be careful when consuming it, as an excessive intake of green tea can also cause some side effects in people who are totally healthy.

Although there are recommendations that ensure that 5 cups of green tea a day should not be exceeded, consuming this amount can also cause stress on the body, for this reason it is better not to consume more than 1 or 2 cups a day.

On the other hand, we must always consider that no home remedy is miraculous and if what we want is to obtain the benefits of green tea, we must make our lifestyle as healthy as possible, maintaining a healthy diet, practicing exercises regularly. and carry out activities that help us maintain a mental and emotional balance

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