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Ibai Llanos makes a statement about the importance of mental health viral


Today few people exist who do not know Ibai Llanos. The influencer dedicated to directing on the platform TwitchLittle by little he has won the hearts of all his followers. And it is that in addition to having a very close and open humor, he uses his fame to talk about certain topics that until very recently we considered taboo. As in this case, where through Twitter he wanted to post a message about the importance of taking care of mental health.

In the tweet you can read verbatim: «Always take care of your mental health. Ask for help from the people around you and go to a professional. I know that sometimes it is difficult or “embarrassing” to seek help and tell about problems, but there are times when it is absolutely necessary. Take good care of yourselves please ».

And it is that for some time, Ibai Llanos has been wanting to draw attention to his fans about this complicated issue. In a recent interview with the journalist Jordi Évole, we got to know him a little more and we learned that he has gone to therapy on several occasions. Since, as he himself has expressed, there was a time when he suffered continuous panic and anxiety attacks.

«For me, directing serves as self-therapy»

As we have already seen on several occasions if we have been interested in seeing some of his videos, Ibai Llanos is a sincere and sensible person who always says what he thinks in the best possible way. In this way, he manages to reach thousands and thousands of people who see him as an example to follow. Although, according to him, this is too big for him.

The streamer always uses his social networks to comment on certain topics. Something very necessary if we take into account that it is the online medium where the Basque has managed to earn the fame he deserves. So it is a terrain where he knows how to handle himself, and the main and immediate avenue that he uses to communicate with his fans.

Among his arguments about the importance of taking care of mental health, we also find messages of encouragement for those people who are not going through their best moment. In this sense, he defends that each person can bear sadness in many different ways. And that no one is more than anyone to say that it is being done right or wrong.

Ibai Llanos

«I think it is absurd because when a person has a misfortune what you have to do is send encouragement and not wonder why he is not crying all day. Each one manages sadness as best he can. For me, directing serves as self-therapy because it helps my mind not constantly think about pure shit and it allows me to get out of the well that you can get into. That’s why going live for an hour allows me to escape from the shit hole that is staying in your room, “said Ibai Llanos on his Instagram profile.

Ibai Llanos will comment on all basketball at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Due to his fame, Ibai Llanos is showered with job offers. In fact, we have recently learned that he has signed for Eurosport to be the voice that comments all the basketball games of the Tokyo Olympics. In this way, the Basque streamer will make the leap to television and fulfill one of his dreams.

And it is that he breaks records on Twitch every time he connects his camera and does a live show for his millions of fans. In fact, a few weeks ago he managed to carry out a boxing championship organized by himself. Where we could see how influential people got into the ring to compete.

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