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How to drink water with bicarbonate to lose weight?


Drink water mixed with baking soda of sodium has different benefits for Health, although its main link is related to the ability of this drink to reduce the heartburn. However, many times we endeavor to associate properties that do not correspond to it.

There is a popular belief that drinking water with baking soda helps you lose weight. However, there is not a single scientific study that shows that this drink contributes to weight loss.

Sometimes we insist on looking for magic formulas to lose weight quickly or keep the line. Although, the only evidence to lose weight in a healthy way is to eat a balanced diet, exercise and opt for good lifestyle habits.

Therefore, there is no way to take baking soda with water to help you lose weight; although these drinks could provide other benefits related to the stomach area.

Water and baking soda for weight loss?

Absolutely not. Drinking a glass of water mixed with bicarbonate of soda is not a home remedy for losing weight or speeding up your metabolism. In addition, experts advise against taking this drink for more than two weeks in a row, as it can have negative effects on the body.

baking soda
Baking soda with water

When a glass of bicarbonate water is ingested it goes directly to the gastrointestinal system. Thus, its function is to burn and irritate everything in its path, that is why it has an anti-acid effect, but it can also be harmful when consumed in excess.

The idea of ​​losing weight quickly with the intake of a drink can be very appetizing for anyone. However, before performing any act that could put your health at risk and that is only a rumor, it is better to have the opinion of a specialist.

Recommendations for the consumption of water and bicarbonate

Although drinking water with bicarbonate provides certain benefits to the body, if consumed in moderation, a series of recommendations must be taken into account before consuming this drink. In this sense, it is not advisable to drink this mixture for more than two weeks or for children under 12 years of age.

Some experts assure that the ingestion of water with bicarbonate daily can cause metabolic alkalosis. This means that the blood becomes alkaline and causes that the lungs and kidneys have to work harder to remove this element from the blood.

It is also not appropriate to take this mixture before other medications, as it could reduce the rate of absorption of the drugs by the body.

Benefits of taking this drink

Not everything is going to be negative, and it is that in addition to reducing heartburn, drinking water with baking soda helps to relieve mosquito bites and sunburns so typical of summer. However, they do not recommend applying bicarbonate directly to skin wounds.

Direct use on the skin can cause damage. However, mixed in a kind of paste it could provide relief for burns and stings.

On the other hand, consuming this mixture of water and bicarbonate can also contribute to bringing freshness and increasing oral health, as an elixir.

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