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Home remedies to relieve a dry sore throat


The pain from throat It is one of the most common, due to exposure to cold, sudden changes in temperature, allergies in the spring months or even due to air conditioning. This ailment can appear at any time and is very annoying for our organism.

When it becomes irritated it is very annoying and we have the need to scratch and relieve that unpleasant burning sensation, especially if the patient has a cold or has an even more serious virus.

And is that having the dry throat it is something common that can be very annoying and even painful. For this reason, a sore throat is a common symptom in winter that in most cases can be treated with home remedies to improve our well-being, as we will see below.

Of course, we must bear in mind that if the condition grows older, it is best to go to the doctor to be treated with antibiotics or other medications.

Causes of dry throat

Next we are going to see what are the main causes that can cause a dry sore throat in our body:

  • Dry mucous membranes
  • Bad breath
  • Changes in temperature
  • Lack of hydration
  • Smoke tobacco

Remedies to relieve a dry throat

After knowing what may be the causes that cause dry throat, we are going to see what are the best remedies to treat dry throat, among which we are going to highlight the following:

  • Hydrate
  • Drink broths
  • Gargle
  • Take honey
  • Bathing in hot water
  • Take lemon or mint candies
  • Take care of our daily habits

Next we are going to develop each of these home remedies to end a sore throat.


We have seen that one of the causes of dry throat is lack of hydration. For this reason, experts point out that the more hydrated the throat is, the less pain it will cause us.

What if i drink a lot of water

Experts emphasize that drinking plenty of water and warm infusions, such as ginger tea, will help to moisten the mucous membranes of our body.

Drink broths

Hot soups have always been one of the most widely used home remedies for sore throat relief. And it is that they serve to reduce the pain and discomfort of the throat.


Another very common remedy for a sore throat is gargling with water and salt. The objective of this action is to clean the throat and relieve the sensation of dryness, pain and irritation.

Take honey

Honey is an antiseptic used to reduce coughs and its use to soothe the throat is known. Adding it to our breakfast, in coffee or Cola-cao, or to any meal is one of the possibilities that this food offers us.

Honey for cough and throat
Cough honey

Hot water baths

The hot baths are very beneficial to eliminate the dryness of the environment, something very harmful to the throat. The dryness will disappear due to the large amount of steam caused by high temperatures.

Take lemon or mint candies

Lemon or mint candies have balsamic properties and allow us to keep the throat always hydrated. In addition, they favor the generation of saliva.

Take care of daily habits

Without any doubt, the best of the remedies is to take care of the daily habits. Avoid tobacco, cold or ice drinks, sudden changes in temperature and straining your voice.

If we carry out these daily habits, a sore throat will not appear frequently in our body.

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