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Home remedies to leave pans sparkling clean


Among the many problems that we can find when making the cleaning in our kitchens, the scrub our pans It is one of the ones that requires the most time and energy, as these tend to accumulate remains of food and other substances that cause them to lose their shine, their non-stick properties and is usually somewhat unhealthy.

But it turns out that removing these remains is not such an easy job, even on many occasions Cleaning products that we use are not usually as effective, that is why we must learn some tricks that will surely help us.

Tips for cleaning pans

With these 5 simple safe tricks we will have fairly clean and functional pans.

1. Cooking water with detergent

Using water and detergents is what most people do, however little do they know that bringing this mixture to the fire in the same pan and letting it boil can be more effective.

When it comes to a boil, it must be removed from the heat and then removed the remaining water, so we can remove the residue with the help of a sponge.

Cleaning pans
Cleaning pans

2. Use baking soda

The same procedure that is carried out with water and detergent works if we mix water with bicarbonate, first the water must be boiled in the pan and then add 2 tablespoons of baking soda to return the pan to the fire and leave it for about 20 minutes.

The pan is removed and the residue is removed using a sponge.

3. Apply fabric softener

Adding a little fabric softener and water to the pan and letting it sit for about 3 hours can be very effective in making food and dirt that are very difficult to remove come off.

After three hours have passed, they should be rinsed off with plenty of water.

4. Clean with vinegar

Vinegar is wonderful when it comes to deep cleaning any surface or object, in this case you should add water and half a cup of white vinegar in the pan, then take it to the fire and let it boil for about 5 minutes.

After this time the content should be emptied and washed as always, using water and detergent.

5. Salt can help

Another of the tricks that is effective enough is to place the pan on the fire until it is hot, then three tablespoons of salt are added and left in the heat until the salt turns dark.

The pan is removed from the heat, the salt is removed and a wet cloth is wiped to clean the surface, then the art is washed completely in the same way as usual.

Why is it important to have clean pans?

In addition to the fact that hygiene is essential for health, cleaning our pans well also helps us to make things easier when cooking, since these generally lose their physical properties and this ends up affecting the quality of our recipes many times. a clean frying pan allows better execution of the preparation techniques.

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