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Harvard University recommends the superfood that all famous women eat


There are countless superfoods What are they healthy and we can add to our diet without any problem. In this sense, Harvard University has put the spotlight on a superfood loaded with antioxidants and that according to research by the prestigious university reduces the chances of heart attack by 34%.

In this way, in recent times blueberries have become an essential food in any healthy diet. Thus, the biggest ‘celebrities’ you can imagine, consume this type of antioxidant fruit that helps them stay younger and more radiant.

Such is the case of Madonna, over which the legend hovers that he always demands a bowl of fresh blueberries in his dressing rooms, Kim Kardashian, which includes them daily for breakfast, or Miranda Kerr, who confessed that they were his favorite snack next to almonds.

In this way, the Harvard University School of Medicine recommends consuming this food at least three times a week to end heart problems. These statements are drawn from the study led by Dr. Eric Rimm, an associate professor at the Harvard School of Public Health.

Harvard University defends the consumption of blueberries

After a study of the diets of more than 93,000 young women between the ages of 25 and 42 over 18 years, Harvard University concluded that women who consumed the most blueberries were 34% less likely to suffer. heart attacks.

neurology blueberry flavonoids

The research results are “illuminating” as they show that women are a group that, in general, have a low risk of suffering from heart attacks, and these findings could also be applied to men and be extended to other groups of people. age.

As Dr. Rimm states, “If you conduct dietary studies in which people are fed a specific diet for four weeks, the biology of what happens is similar in a person aged 60 and 25”, for what is expected “that the benefit is not very different for others.”

Thus, this research suggests that anthocyanins are particularly healthy for the heart. However, it is stated that the intake of these foods in the diet is not definitive, as it must always be accompanied by a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Despite this, it is proven that this superfood not only has benefits to keep the heart healthy, but that its high content in flavonoids and tanannins help fight free radicals in the skin, which favors a younger and smoother skin.

How to include blueberries in your diet

The cranberry juice It is one of the healthiest drinks with the most antioxidants in the world. In recent times it has become popular as a drink that can provide numerous benefits if we include it in our diet. Of course, we cannot forget that it is not a healing drink or with superpowers, but that it must always be accompanied by a balanced diet.

This juice can attract our attention due to its striking color, which can be bluish but with a quite striking intensity. However, it stands out much more for its large amount of antioxidants and its anti-inflammatory properties, which are found to a higher level in dark blueberries, which is why they are the most recommended by experts.

In this sense, we are going to highlight the main benefits of including cranberry juice in our daily diet:

  • Protect the brain
  • Avoid urine infections
  • Helps with hypertension
  • Antioxidants improve memory
  • Help keep you younger
  • Stop depression

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