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Do you know how to find out all the Mercadona news from your mobile?


We can say that Mercadona It is the supermarket chain that sells the most in all of Spain. And it is that since it appeared several years ago, it has known how to gain a foothold among consumers looking for low prices. Since although it is true that since their opening these have been going up, their brand still has good quality at a very affordable price.

In the same way, another of Mercadona’s bets to gain more and more users is to launch an offer very often that hook customers. The supermarket chooses to offer products in high demand, taking into account the demand in other competing supermarkets.

For example, we have seen how it has considerably expanded its range of teas and infusions. And today we can find many for different functions. In addition, you will also be able to get perfect infusions for this summer. Since they are specially made to be taken cold.

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If you are one of those who finds out the latest of all the news that Mercadona launches every week, it is best to use one of these ways so that they do not get out of hand. And it is that many times it is worth being aware of everything that we can buy in the most successful supermarket chain in our country. Since they can be very interesting products that are worth buying.

Download the Mercadona app to find out about their news or visit their website

Many times you have to go in person to the establishment that catches you closest to find out what is new there. But if you have a mobile phone with internet access, you will no longer need to go there to find out about new offers. Here we explain how you can do it.

Downloading the free app

Surely you know many Mercadona establishments that are around your area. And it is that in all cities there are many supermarkets of the chain in any corner. Not in all of them we will find the news they launch, so it is very useful to know if you will be able to find that product before going there.

Although it is true that the application will not tell you exactly if it has reached your nearest Mercadona, if you will be able to find out about its news. And the chain offers this app in Android and iOS version, but for now it is only available in large cities such as Valencia or Barcelona.

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Therefore, the application may not be useful to you because it does not fit into your delivery area, but it will be perfect for finding out what’s new. You just have to download it to your mobile phone, and select one of the areas in which it is available, for example Valencia. In this way, you will be able to know what is new in Mercadona even if it may not be found in your nearest establishment.

From your classic website

Although Mercadona does not yet have an updated and modernized website for the times, it will help you to find out about its news. To do this, you will have to create a user. Since the old version of the store needs you to be a user and create a personal profile to access it. You do not need to enter a payment method, just have your personal data registered.

From your mobile phone browser, access the store’s website. Next you must log in with the customer data or, if you are new, register for the first time. Once you have done it, a section with the word ‘News’ will appear in the upper right. From where you can find out about all the new launches of the Spanish supermarket par excellence.

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