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Different types of tea and their health benefits


For some time now, the tea has become a food very popular among the population, especially for its important Benefits for the Health. However, there are numerous varieties of tea with specific utilities for each situation.

Typically teas are differentiated by large groups and ‘colors’. Although, within each color we also find numerous specific varieties.

For example, within green tea, a popular variety is matcha. Matcha tea is of oriental origin and has important health properties. Many celebrities and famous people have incorporated it into their diet and it can be found in any supermarket in Spain.

Tea types and properties

The classification of the types of tea that we can buy and consume today could be infinite. Therefore, it is important to establish a pattern to encompass groups of this food. On this occasion we will differentiate by colors and depending on their usefulness for use.

White tea

It is a slightly special variety. It has a smooth and delicate flavor. Although many people are unaware, this modality contains more polyphenols than green tea, so it even has a greater antioxidant capacity.

nñanco tea

Experts also highlight an antifungal effect on some pathogens. Colloquially it is known as the ‘tea’ of beauty, being a natural ally with detoxifying and purifying characteristics.

Thanks to the antioxidants in its composition, it helps to fight free radicals, promoting the delay of skin aging.

In short, white tea is appropriate to take care of the skin, protects the teeth and strengthens the immune system.

Black tea

For its part, black tea is made from the ‘Camellia Sinensis’ plant. Its main use is intended to improve mental state, enhance learning, memory and ability to process information.

black tea

Similarly, it is also recommended to treat blood pressure or prevent Parkinson’s disease. However, scientific evidence is necessary to certify these associations.

According to the specialists of ‘Medlineplus’, black tea could have a positive effect on osteoporosis, myocardial infarction or even ovarian cancer. However, its main use is intended to improve mental health.


Red tea has specific characteristics. Although, the most striking is that it works as an active diuretic and fights fluid retention. In addition, it helps reduce cholesterol, is good for weight loss and facilitates digestion.

Red tea

On the other hand, it also generates positive effects on the immune system, reduces blood sugar levels and prevents respiratory ailments.

In addition to preventing fluid retention, red tea also helps the body eliminate toxins that accumulate in the urine.

Blue tea

The blue variety has been used for centuries as a memory enhancer, with calming and sedative effects. However, one of its main virtues is that it helps you lose weight.

Blue tea

But there are many properties that this variety can offer to health. Among them, it is associated with weight loss, improves eye health, good for diabetes, full of antioxidants, effective against stress and with anti-inflammatory properties.

Green Tea

One of the most consumed today is matcha. Through the following link you can see all the properties of this variety.

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