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Differences between matcha tea and green tea


In recent years the consumption of teas it has become popular among the population. There are numerous types, each used with a specific utility. Although, one of the most famous today is the matcha tea, a drink that has managed to dazzle personalities such as Lionel messi or Lady Gaga.

Matcha is included in the group of green teas. However, there are important differences between this tea of ​​oriental origin and the rest of green infusions. They both actually come from the same plant.

The most common way to consume tea is through an infusion. However, the peculiarities of matcha lead to consume this ‘food’ in many preparations, such as smoothies, cakes or other products.

Matcha tea

Matcha tea has become one of the favorite infusions among society in recent years. Mainly due to its innumerable health benefits and consumption by famous people who have given a boost to the commercialization of said product in Europe.

Matcha tea

We are talking about a type of tea that is in the form of a very fine green powder and that is really composed of strands or loose leaves; like the rest of green teas.

Although, the benefits of this infusion originating in Japan are the main incentive for its consumption. It is a natural antioxidant capable of regenerating cells. It provides amino acids, which improve circulation, provide energy to the body and accelerate metabolism.

One of the differences with other green teas is that matcha is totally soluble as it is a powder, so it is believed that it is easier to ingest all its components.

Green Tea

For its part, green tea comes from the ‘Camellia Sinensis’ plant. As a general rule, these types of infusions work as natural medicine to improve mental alertness, help lose weight, improve intestinal disorders or fight osteoporosis.

Green Tea

Like matcha, most green teas also have great antioxidant power, mainly due to their good doses of vitamin C and B vitamins.


One of the big differences between the two infusions is the way they are obtained. To obtain the matcha it is necessary to crush the leaf of the ‘Camellia Sinesis’ plant to the maximum until it has a fine green powder.

matcha tea
Green infusions

Although, to obtain general green tea, dried and dehydrated fragments of the leaves of Camellia Sinensis are used. Thus, it is thought that the benefits of matcha are superior to those of green tea, since its properties and components are better integrated into any infusion or preparation.

Another difference between the two, and due to its composition is the way it is made. When consumed in powder form, matcha tea can be used in different preparations beyond the traditional infusion, something more complicated to do with conventional green tea.

According to the experts in this type of drink, a cup of matcha tea is equivalent to up to ten cups of green tea, due to its high content of antioxidants and amino acids.

Taste is another great distinction between the two. Green tea offers a more bitter taste and does not produce foam, while matcha has a sweeter taste and a creamy and smooth texture, which may seem more palatable for consumption.

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