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Definitive guide to follow the Keto diet correctly


The ketogenic diet is the one that gives priority to feeding to products rich in healthy fats. Decreasing the daily intake of carbohydrates Y protein. This has become popular over the years, and today it can be said that many people follow it day by day. But, do you really know how to do it correctly and effectively? To achieve your goals, the Keto diet prioritizes a series of guidelines that you must know.

Is diet It is one that induces the body into a state of ketosis. That is, a metabolic state of the body produced by a reduction in carbohydrate intake. The body’s main source of energy in a normal diet. This induces the catabolism of fats, in order to obtain energy from them. Because of them, you will burn more and faster. Leading your body to need those fats in a healthy way.

The carbohydrates they are the body’s main energy supplier in a normal diet situation. Without any restrictions or exhaustive guidelines. Therefore, if we reduce the consumption of these, our body will need fats to create the fuel necessary to carry out all the mechanisms that occur inside us. The ketogenic diet can be very restrictive for some people, but knowing how to perform it correctly should not have any problem.

What are the main keys to doing the Keto diet?

The most important thing is that you must limit the consumption of carbohydrates to only 10% of daily calories. So our diet should be focused on consuming foods rich in healthy fats and proteins. In this case, we must above all focus on the consumption of fats. Since these will be the ones that produce in our body an increase in the activity of our metabolism.

We must eliminate the consumption of any product that contains empty calories or processed fats. As for example any type of sugar or sweetener, honey or syrup. In the same way, we must limit the consumption of foods such as cereals, bread, rice, pasta, noodles, oats, legumes, fruits and vegetables in general. Since these are rich in carbohydrates, something that, as we have said previously, within this type of diet must be reduced as much as possible.

Foods allowed on the ketogenic or keto diet

However, there are many foods that fall under the ketogenic diet. And that they will make you satiate and your meals have a rich flavor. In this way, the following products are allowed in this diet:

Red meat or chicken

Meat is one of the base products to carry out this Keto diet. Game meat, chicken, beef or lamb can be included in the diet. On the other hand, you can also incorporate cold cuts and sausage meat into your diet.


Eggs are a very practical food that you can add to any meal. Whether in the form of an omelette, boiled or grilled, the egg is a food that can get you out of trouble and is totally suitable for this type of diet.

vitamin H eggs Nuts and seeds

Nuts are very healthy products with a high percentage of ‘good’ fats and low in sugars and carbohydrates.

Butter, cheese and dairy

These foods are going to be quite recurrent to be able to follow the Keto diet without falling into despair. Butter, cheese and whole dairy can be a perfect complement to eat for both breakfast and snack.

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