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Contraindications of drinking lemon juice on an empty stomach


Many people choose to take lemon juice every morning, under the belief of important Benefits for the Health and the ability of this food to activate the body first thing in the day. In addition, it could also help lose weight.

However, behind the consumption of lemon juice on an empty stomach there are certain health problems that must be taken into account. And it is that not all that reduces in this eating habit is gold.

There is a widespread belief that a glass of warm water with a splash of lemon juice on an empty stomach is a healthy habit to face the day with strength. And it is that according to the hypothesis this small mixture has a cleansing effect for the body and provides a good dose of vitamin C.

Problems drinking lemon juice on an empty stomach

However, it is necessary to take into account several contraindications or disadvantages generated by the consumption of lemon juice on an empty stomach. First of all, we must bear in mind that lemon is a fruit that generates acidity and can lead to the development of a gastric ulcer in extreme situations. For this reason, it is important to eat foods that do not further acidify the mucosa.

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Lemon juice is a drink that does not contain vegetable fiber and does provide free sugars. Although, the amount of sugars is minimal, but if we think that its vitamin contribution is sufficient for the morning, we will refrain from eating one or more pieces of fruit with its pulp, which are equal to or more rich in vitamins, they have fiber satiating and also hydrate us. Therefore, it is more appropriate to consume the pulp of the lemon before the lemon juice. Our intestinal flora will appreciate it.

Another worrying aspect is that drinking lemon juice on an empty stomach can affect oral health, as the acid in lemon can be especially corrosive to teeth.

However, despite the fact that there are proven contraindications, the benefits of taking this juice on an empty stomach far outweigh the minimal damages that exist and that it is also necessary to know.

False myths about drinking lemon juice on an empty stomach

The only proven benefit of drinking lemon juice is that a glass of warm water can hydrate us when we wake up, but this fact is not related to lemon.

Although, lemon juice is associated with satiating power and a great contribution of polyphenols, which prevent weight gain; acting as a fat burner. Even the consumption of lemon juice on an empty stomach is linked to better prevention against cancer.

However, these are just assumptions that do not have a scientific basis. Thus, before venturing to ensure that this juice purifies the body, we should think twice.

On the other hand, there is also no scientific evidence to show that lemon juice improves skin health or boosts collagen synthesis. If it is true that it provides vitamin C to the body, but well below the necessary dose that a person requires.

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