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Cocoa is a superfood and these are all its benefits


Although it may surprise you, pure cocoa is considered a superfood by the specialists of the nutrition. This is mainly due to all the components and properties that it provides to the body, accounting for more than 50 nutrients.

Among them, we find bioactives such as polyphenols, with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which help protect and provide health benefits. On the other hand, it is a food that provides energy, improves mood and contributes to maintaining the ideal weight.

The professor of nutrition and food science at the University of Barcelona, ​​María Izquierdo highlights the virtues of a superfood such as cocoa. “Cocoa is a health pill that provides classic nutrients such as fiber and magnesium, rich in polyphenols. They are antioxidants that exert positive effects on the body and are known to reduce blood pressure and protect against bad cholesterol, something that for now no medication is capable of achieving.

In addition, this specialist in the field explains that “it favors the production of nitric oxide in the arteries, which dilates the blood vessels and, therefore, improves circulation. By increasing blood flow, it improves cognitive functions and contributes to increased attention.

Properties of cocoa, the tastiest superfood on the planet

Cocoa is not only a tasty food, but after much research, important health benefits have been found. Mainly because its composition contains nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, polyphenols, or fiber.


Thus, the nutritionist María Izquierdo comments that defatted cocoa stands out for its high fiber content, helping to maintain intestinal regularity. In addition, it contains a satiating effect that helps control weight.

In this sense, from the Cocoa Observatory Highlights the content of this superfood in vitamins of group B and minerals such as manganese, copper or magnesium.

However, nutritionists explain that not all cocoas are equally healthy, so it is necessary to differentiate pure cocoa from those that are subjected to chemical treatments.

Benefits of consuming cocoa

Eating cocoa on a regular basis has a beneficial impact on health, always without abusing it and with moderate consumption. In this way, we are talking about a superfood that helps prevent neurological, cardiovascular or metabolism-related diseases.

Regarding the virtues of cocoa, the nutritionist María Izquierdo points out that “it can help in weight loss diets and also in neurodegenerative diseases, especially in the field of memory.”

Other benefits of consuming this superfood is that it reduces blood pressure and minimizes bad cholesterol. Thus, in this line, researchers have verified that the main fatty component of theobromine and flavonoids, stearic acid, is a saturated fatty acid that does not increase blood cholesterol in its intake.

Likewise, it is an element that does not negatively alter the blood glucose of overweight people, therefore it contributes to controlling the risk of diabetes and hypertension.

False myths of what is considered a superfood

Nutritionist María Izquierdo, from the University of Barcelona, ensures that consuming cocoa does not make you fat and that in any case it avoids obesity. This, of course, has its scientific explanation.

Cocoa superfood

Compounds in cocoa help reduce lipid metabolism in the liver and adipose tissue. In the same way, it is also false that it causes cavities or acne, as much of the population thinks.

Despite not containing high amounts of caffeine, cocoa is an addictive and exciting food, especially for its unique taste. Currently it is known that a cup of soluble cocoa provides 0.01 milligrams of caffeine; while a cup of coffee provides between 40 and 50 mg of this substance.

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