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Cinnamon, the perfect food to lower blood pressure


The blood pressure, blood pressure or hypertension is one of the key elements to take into account for the health of our organism. To keep these values ​​under control, experts advise wearing a diet from nutrients to protect our body and maintain well-being.

That is why there are foods that are beneficial for the health of our heart, such as onion, olive oil, garlic or cinnamon. These nutrients should be present in our diet to improve our body and not have hypertension problems.

Experts note that blood pressure drops as blood moves through arteries, arterioles, capillaries, and veins.

Next, we will develop how the cinnamon It is a perfect food to lower the blood pressure of our body.

Cinnamon, an ally to bar blood pressure

Many have been the rumors that have always existed between cinnamon and blood pressure. Myths that this product was a species that accelerated the heart rate and increased tension. However, it is false.

People who thought cinnamon was bad for those with hypertension were wrong. Several studies carried out by doctors from Georgetown University and the Israel Diabetes Association have shown how cinnamon affects our body.

The work yielded surprising results for many, since they showed that this nutrient did not act as directly on blood sugar levels as was believed. However, if it affected the blood or arterial pressure, but in a different way to what many thought.


In this sense, the experts came to the conclusion that cinnamon did not raise blood pressure, but rather helps lower blood pressure. For this reason, many doctors say that cinnamon is a good ally for people who have hypertension.

At the same time, they point out that this nutrient is not good for people who have hypotension. In fact, it recommends people who have hypotension to see a doctor, as they will corroborate it and offer you advice and treatment.

Cinnamon is not a substitute for anti-stress medication

If you suffer from tension problems, experts point out that cinnamon, no matter what form it is, is not the permanent solution nor should it be used to replace the medication prescribed by your specialist doctor.

It is only a food that we can include in our diet in order to improve our hypertension problem, but what it does is help the prescribed medication in case we have it. For this reason, cinnamon, like other nutrients, should be present in our diet to improve our body and not have hypertension problems.

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