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Are security measures required in an adapted home?


A home with a complicated layout can pose great physical barriers for people with disability. Something as everyday as reaching the kitchen or going to the bathroom can be a real ordeal for some people who live in a home that is not adapted to their needs. For a person who suffers from some type of disability, it is essential to live in a safe and adapted environment. This will allow you to function with the greatest possible autonomy and make the most of the adapted home.

An adapted home should allow the highest degree of autonomy possible, always with maximum safety for both the person suffering from a disability and for family members or caregivers. That is why it is essential, and very important, to adapt homes and install the necessary security measures.

How to build an adapted home?

disabled bathroom
Bathroom with shower plate on the floor

Although it seems like a very laborious and unknown task, the truth is that building an adapted home for a person with a disability is much easier if a series of factors are taken into account:

  1. Avoid slopes as much as possible. For this, vertical lifts or stairlifts may be used, if the house has several floors. If the elevators are not necessary, it is advisable to put railings on the stairs.
  2. Install the person’s room on the ground floor of the house or, at least, allocate a room on the ground floor as a second room.
  3. Automate the doors, if possible, and watch their width.
  4. Place domestic systems to control the opening of blinds and lights, among others.
  5. Do not place objects that are in the way, give way to the different rooms.
  6. Do not place rugs that may interfere with free movement.
  7. Install security measures in the adapted home to guarantee total protection.

Despite the general recommendations, each home has its own characteristics that may not be adapted to the conditions that we have listed. The most important thing will always be to adapt the home to the disabled person, whatever their degree of disability.

In the case of bathrooms, for example, it will always be more advisable to install a shower tray with supports than a bathtub. In addition, it is important to avoid shower plates that are very high, it will always be better to place a shower plate with a flush floor, that is, it is placed directly on the floor.

Security measures, the most important

Security alarm
Security measures

As we recommend adapting the home to the person’s disability as much as possible, we also insist on the importance of installing security measures to guarantee the assistance of that person. On Movistar Prosegur Alarms You will find several alarm options that will adapt to what you are looking for and that will ensure that you always keep all fronts covered and your eyes open to any suspicion.

By installing a security alarm you will have the certainty that, if something happens that is out of your reach, a specialized person will be able to help you solve it with just one call. What are you waiting for to adapt your home and, especially, to place a security alarm that allows you to breathe easy?

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