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6 common mistakes when doing the ketogenic or keto diet


Today there are many types of subsistence allowance that help us reach the weight we want without having to make too much effort. But these are usually not the healthiest or the ones that will allow us to maintain this state in the future. Therefore, the ketogenic or keto diet has positioned itself as one of the most reliable, healthy and effective for nutrition professionals and for lovers of the ‘fit’ life.

This diet is nothing more than restricting certain foods, and making room for others that provide us with more fat and less carbohydrates. In this way, our body will reach a state of ketosis that will turn that excess fat that we have consumed into energy. In addition, the protein intake also has to be within certain parameters.

There are many types of ketogenic diet, from vegetarian, dirty, strict, lazy and carnivorous. All of them with certain instructions to be able to carry them out effectively. Perhaps the lazy one is the one that most people use to enter this world of the Keto diet, but really the most effective is the strict one.

6 common mistakes to avoid if you are on the keto diet

If we are new to the ketogenic diet, some recommendations will be difficult to follow to the letter. And there are many foods that should not be included, and many others that are essential to add to our meals. Therefore, it is important to know at least what are the common mistakes when doing the Keto diet. And it is that if you really want to reach your weight loss goal quickly and safely, it will be worth doing your best to achieve it.

ketogenic or keto diet foods Do not eat healthy fats derived from real food

This type of diet is based mainly on the massive intake of fats, so that our body later converts them into energy. But we must take into account that there are many types of fats, and we must give priority to those that come from healthy foods called ‘real food’.

Not asking for the help and supervision of a professional

The ketogenic diet can be very restrictive and harmful if our health is not entirely optimal for it. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that we go to professionals who understand the matter. And they can advise us about the real possibilities that we have to carry it out.

You don’t drink the right amount of water

Drinking water is essential to maintain good health. But if you are on the Keto diet this becomes very necessary. And it is that in this diet, the consumption of fruits and vegetables is quite restricted. Therefore, we have eliminated this source of natural hydration from our body almost completely.

Man drinking water
Man drinking water

Do not give importance to physical exercise and focus only on diet

This is one of the most common mistakes made when we are doing any type of diet, not just the ketogenic diet. And we think that only by restricting food or focusing on one way of eating we will achieve positive results. And anything farter from the reality. It is necessary to give the same importance to the realization of daily physical exercise.

Meat intake as the only source of protein

In addition to consuming meat to provide our body with the necessary proteins, we can turn to other foods. Such as fish, nuts and seeds and legumes with a high content of fatty acids.

Include few sources of vitamins and minerals in our dishes

In addition to consuming a certain number of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals are also very important on the Keto diet. And is that by eating very little amount of fruits and vegetables, we must make an effort to eat other foods that provide us with the necessary nutrients for the proper functioning of our body.

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