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5 uses of baking soda to improve your garden care


The sodium bicarbonate it is one of the most used elements for many functions. And it is that for some years, it has become the star product for its different uses. Today there are many people who use it in their day to day. Therefore, today we are going to talk about its great effectiveness for the care of your home garden.

On many occasions we see how our outdoor patio with garden begins to deteriorate, and sometimes the lawn does not look the way we really want it to have. Once we have tried many products, we begin to look for alternative objects online that have among their utilities the improvement and stability of the quality of our garden.

Therefore, in this article we are going to explain how sodium bicarbonate works for the care of your plants. And it can really increase the duration of your garden in perfect condition for longer.

5 ways to use baking soda in your garden

More and more uses are being discovered for baking soda. And it is that in its composition, it has a multitude of ingredients that improve the appearance of many objects. In addition, its use is very simple. And you will hardly have to invest a great amount of time in applying it where you need a thorough care.

Keeps parasites away

To do this, you just have to add a tablespoon of baking soda to a bowl of water. Then spray generously on the damaged surface to remove any parasites.

Drive away pests

In this case, you should sprinkle the baking soda without mixing it with water. In this way, spreading it over your garden or your plants will make pests disappear.

Eliminate fungi

Mix three liters of water with four tablespoons of baking soda. This is a perfect fungicide and will keep the fungi that spoil your plants away from them.

Stomach baking soda
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Hydrate and nourish your plants

To do this, mix a little baking soda with vinegar. Next, spray the mixture on your plants. Of course, you must be careful since not all plants accept this mixture satisfactorily. You should check if they have done well.

Avoid weeds

To do this, you must spread the product directly on the weeds that you want to eliminate. You will see how after several days you will achieve that your garden improves its appearance considerably.

Fun Facts About Baking Soda

The benefits of baking soda are widely known, firstly because it helps disinfect the home and ward off pests. In the same way it is used to regulate digestion or balance the body’s pH. This is a natural chemical, which means that it can be found exactly as it is in nature. However, this can also be obtained through a chemical procedure in a laboratory.

If any qualifier of a medicine suits bicarbonate well, it is antacid. Well, many times it is prescribed as a treatment to reduce acid levels in urine and blood. Despite the fact that many people use it for other types of health problems. However, this is something that should only be done with the approval of a physician.

Finally, it is perfect to kill cockroaches. To do this, you must mix bicarbonate with sugar, with the intention of being attracted to the sweet and at the time of eating it, ingest the bicarbonate.

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